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 1x08- The Thin Red Line
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This The Mentalist screencap might contain 商务套装, 西装, 肖像, 爆头, 特写镜头, 特写, and 爆头特写.

posted by Chaann94
Soo this is my first (Jisbon) 粉丝 fic I'm writing, so I hope 你 like it! I'm not familiar with the ratings on 粉丝 fictions but... okay I'll tell it straight away... there's no sex in it. Also, sorry for my spelling errors! Hope 你 like it and please comment!


It was slowly getting dark and the 狗 were tired of searching, so was the team. 面包车, 范 Pelt could see her boss getting 更多 nervous every single 秒 she stood there.

She didn't blame her tough, it wasn't every 日 when your colluege gets 迷失 in the woods. Jane wanted to proove something again in a case, and 说 he'd find it in...
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