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posted by greekgodsrule
Chapter 1:
Betrayal and a New Life

I was in the elevator to the 最佳, 返回页首 of the empire state building filled with horror I couldn’t believe what Annabeth had done to me, to us
I was walking down the row of cabins to the 海滩 where I was finally going to make my 移动 on Annabeth, the 爱情 of my life. I was staring at the ring which was beautiful with silver and 金牌 twisting around each other with a beautiful 海绿色 diamond with an owl etched into it on either side a beautiful milky pearl that reflected the light.
As I reached the 海滩 I saw a blonde girl making out...
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posted by hammerhead17
This is my first fanfic so plz let me know if I am wasting my time 或者 should continue. I am open to suggustions so if 你 have one plz comment. Enjoy!!! :)

The talking statue guided Leo, Piper, jason, and me to where aperently the Romans were. A million thoughts went threw me as we went on Roman grounds. I seriosly thought i was going to explode. We walked on the marble steps. "Are we ready to meet some Romans 或者 what!" Leo chanted as we walked up the steps. "Leo, I don't think the the Romans are very humorous, " I say fairly shaky. "Annabeth, we know what to do were gonna be fine,...
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posted by WolvesRule5692
People who read this fanfic, please tell me if I should continue this story. Please give ideas 或者 criticism. Thanks!

please note: there is one scene which is copied from the Son of Neptune. It is Annabeth's dream (the part with Percy in it, not Hera). I take no credit for Rick Riordan's work


Annabeth sighed. She was tired 或者 the same 问题 shooting through her head. But she had no answers. Now, as she, Leo, Jason and Piper got closer to Camp Jupiter, the 问题 came to mind 更多 and 更多 frequently. Would Percy remember her? Did he have his memories back yet? Who were the...
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Chapter 1 - Percy

The message that the Greeks were coming, in numbers and in a large warship spread like wildfire. Within 分钟 every demigod of every cohort was summoned to the edge of Camp Jupiter’s boundaries, the Lares, Amazonians, and even a small crowd of veterans gathered behind them and at a distance.

The Little Tiber flowed 由 not ten feet from where Percy now stood. The authority which he now possessed, he used to get the cohorts in line and, with help from Reyna, some 200 demigods now stood as if they were being inspected. Weapons were gleaming inches from twitchy fingers and...
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added by backtoback12
added by backtoback12
posted by greekgodsrule
Chapter 1

Percy's P.O.V.

I watched as the ship slowly made its desent into the fields of mars. With my arms around my best friends, Hazel and Frank.
"That ship is huge" exclaimed Frank.
I was just about to reply when I heared this huge CRUNCH the ship had landed!
The ramp began to lower and I saw a tall muscular blonde boy with blue eyes standing 下一个 to a girl with choppy uneven brown hair and eyes changing colour so fast that I couldnt decide whether they were green, blue 或者 brown.
There was a collective gasp from the crowd of Romans so I figured the boy was Jason.
Where's Annabeth I wondered to myself she has to be here. A girl with electric blue eyes and spikey jet black hair stepped off the ship 坦莉雅 I thought.
And then Rachel Elizabeth Dare stepped off the ship, she has frizzy red hair and green eyes.
But where is Annabeth I thought desperatly.

Annabeth stood silently at the deck of the Argo ll, waiting for dawn to come.

Annabeth hadn't slept for a whole day, knowing that they were almost at Camp Jupiter, and she was anxious to see Percy immediately. 由 her calculations(which were always correct) they would arrive at dawn, thanks to Leo's great steering, they came earlier than they suspected. Leo, while steering quietly, winked at them and told them that he would be going on auto pilot sooner 或者 later. Suddenly, Piper was uncomfortable with the silence and started to make conversation....
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posted by demigod-jed
Chapter 1

Percy Jackson

Annabeth,I thought.I felt like all my pain had suddenly gone away. Then I felt pain. Pain worse than anything I had ever felt. Worse than the styx.When I looked down I saw a sword sticking through my stomache.I turned around,but no one was there. When I looked down the sword turned into fog. I saw Octavian grinning. I saw Annabeth get off the ship then look startled to see me wincing in pain. The last thing I heard was someone yelling 'Apollo, Apollo'

I crumpled and passed out.
posted by percypotter1999
Chapter I

This is it. I’m finally going to see my family. Just then Leo 说 “Two 分钟 to landing!” “I’m going to see if I can find Annabeth.” I yelled back. All Annabeth had been doing was moping around and crying for the past 8 months. She needed to pull it together though. As much as I hated to admit we needed her. She was the leader of Camp Half-Blood without Percy. I felt bad for her though. Imagine not knowing if your boyfriend remembered 你 或者 not. That would be horrible! I finally arrived at her door. I opened it and found her looking at a picture crying. I snuck...
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Percy P.O.V.

Percy- Oh This Is Arion , My Bro

AnnaBeth-You Guy Must Be Real Close , 你 Didnt Even Call Grover Bro Until A 年 After 你 Met , And He is A Horse It Not Like He Can Talk 或者 anything

Percy- AnnaBeth

* Annabeth is still talking *

Percy - AnnaBeth !

AnnaBeth- What ?

Percy- He is My Real biological brother !

Greek ...... ( There Face Look Like This O.O )

Frank- 你 Didnt Tell Them ?

Percy- No , i Just Didnt Have The Time

Hazel - PERCY ( she says his name shocked) 你 Didnt Tell Them About My Poor Baby Arion

* Hazel Walks over to him And Gives Him A Golden Nugget From The Ground *

Greek- (There...
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Hazel- Be right Back

Percy- Okay

Leo P.O.V

Finally Were here. I just need to relax. I Wonder if there some hot Girls ? Hot Girls With Bigs Butts ? I Like big butt and I can't not lie, your other brother can't deny, that when a girl walks in with a itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face 你 get sprung , wanna pull out your tough.. Leo snap out of it !!

Annabeth-Leo ??


Annabeth- Leo !!!

Leo- Huh?

Annabeth- Open the door !

Leo- Oh Yeah !

The only thing I can still think about is GIRLS ! Right when the Argo II Doors open , What ! It Raining Babes ! As I exit the Argo II I make my way...
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Percy P.O.V

At this point , I think Hazel is really is going Nuts ! She just told me We have to go and they just got here ! Ahh. Just Think About Annabeth make me want to see her now !

Percy- WHAT !!!

Hazel- I'm sorry Percy but It the truth . It , it Nico

* Percy eyes widen *

Percy- not that to faced ...

Frank- Hola My People !

Hazel- Now were talking about siblings !

Percy- Yea we are!

Frank- Hello People ?!

Hazel- Please don't get me started !

Frank- Guys !

Percy- Please get started !

Frank - GUYS !!!!!!!!!!

Hazel & Percy- WHAT !!

Frank- 嘿 !

Hazel- Really Frank !!

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added by RibiasZip
Okay so I have been literally like jumping around for a few days now and I thought it would be selfish to keep my ideas to myself so here I am sharing this with you.
Theory 1- Octavian is Luke?? Rick Riordan 说 that history repeats itself. And who would be a better villian than Octavian? He even looks like Luke. Percy was all like deja vou he had seen that before, sandy blonde hair college looking guy about eighteen....ring any bells??
Theory 2- PERCY HAS TO KILL ANNABETH??? I dunno thats kind of what I thought. To all 你 percabeth 粉丝 out there the book doesn't revolve around their happiness...
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The Mark of Athena
Chapter I
Breathe, 60 feet, breathe, 50 feet, breathe! “Leo, can’t 你 make this contraption go any faster!” I snapped. “Chill Annie you’ll get to see him soon!” Leo replied. I could see his beautiful dark hair, his sea green eyes. Hehu, hehu, hehu, hehu! Oh, crud. Blackness. I awoke with 10 worried faces looking down at me. “Are 你 all right Annabeth?” Jason asked, worry contorting his regal features. “Yah, yah, I’m all right.” “It’s going to be fine so stop worrying and stop hyperventilating,” Jason said. It had been 8 months since she...
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posted by theocean5566

As we went outside to the 论坛 the warship had landed. Gods it was beautiful. The ship glistened in the sunlight and there was a familiar looking dragon head. The roman soldier stand ready to attack if needed but I'm sure they won't. 

The first ones out were a boy about his age with blonde hair then he realized it could be the one and only Jason Grace. Following him was a girl with thin braids and a guy that looked like Sammy.

The Sammy guy quietly 说 "please don't hurt us with those pointy swords we come In peace  .  "

Hazel made a small whimpering noise after he 说 that. 

In a...
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Hello everyone! This is me Reyna4ever25!
I am going to write my own version of Mark of Athena. I hope 你 all enjoy it! I have titled my fanfiction as The Road to Rome. It is the same as Mark of Athena – only that I have changed the 标题 so that it will seem 更多 like a fanfiction and not like I am trying to write the actual book
Disclaimer : All rights for the 超能英雄 of Olympus series belong to Rick Riordan and co.All the names of characters,the setting of Camp Jupiter,the amazing mythical creatures and the character themselves are creations of the genious Rick Riordan. All credit goes to...
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posted by percabeth4evera
嘿 this is my first fanic! this is like my third time trying to get this up so hopefully it will work. all rights got to rick roirdan and that stuff. i didn't steal this its completely my own.

Chapter 1: Annabeth

Annabeth paced up and down the deck of the Argo 11. For the first time ever in living memory, her mind was a mess. Being the brightest daughter of Athena, Annabeth was used to being calm and collected but that was a thing of the past. Ever since Percy went missing, her mind and emotions had been going crazy. Annabeth sighed. Percy. Her brave, sweet, hot, occasionally smart seaweed brain...
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