The King has Returned.
Hi guys, since my Beauty and the Beast: Film vs Musical made it on the front page. Now, it's the Lion King's turn to write about, since I only got the movie soundtrack version. I will also write the musical version too.

The Movie Version

Okay, I grew up with this movie since my childhood days, I 爱情 the song and got the soundtrack for the film. My favourite score is 'Under the Stars', because the 音乐 is soothing before gradually becoming 更多 inspirational, African style!
I 爱情 the story very much as it introduces me about African culture, that I had always wanted to go to South Africa one day. It also teaches me about leaving the past behind!

The Musical Version

While the story-line remains the same, there are some additional songs that I really 爱情 and they are They Live in 你 and Endless Night. The former was in the Lion King 2: Simba's Pride as it's intro, what a great way for a movie introduction!
Endless Night is a very sad song, but one of the most excitable moments was Scar vs Simba till it leads to the dramatic ending. I really want to see this musical live so badly, maybe either on Broadway, West End 或者 when they're doing an Asian Tour.

They Live in You!

So there 你 have it, the differences in the both the stage and the movie version, enjoy 阅读 them and watch the 显示 too!
I wish I could see this musical one day!