The four.
Hi guys, I just downloaded this movie a few months 以前 after not seeing it in many years. There are certain things that I dislike that I would like to write it down here, so here we go.

The Story-line

The story was borrowed from another Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. While I think they kept the Shakespearean tradition going on, I personally felt that they should be 更多 original towards the story. The movie also left me a number of 未回答的 问题 that I'm going to voice out.
Worse of all, they never explain how the Outlanders were banish as they were never introduce in the first movie at all! Secondly, how are they related to Scar? Especially Zira herself.
Also, where were the hyenas during this time? Did Simba banish them 或者 something? I guess not!

The Characters

While the characters are the same, the only disappointments are Zazu, Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki. Why didn't Rowan Atkinson come back to voice Zazu? This I have always ask myself! Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki had less screen-time too, I mean, isn't Rafiki suppose to be Simba's friend 或者 something?
Another major disappointment was the scene where Kovu was exiled, that scene makes me so upset until Kiara utters towards her father, saying "You'll never be Mufasa!" and runs off upset. Simba just stood there, he didn't even bother to go after her!
Zira is like Scar's sister to me, due to their lookalike and I just laugh at her when she could not let it go during the final battle! I don't know why though, but she's poorly written to be honest.

The Songs

With the exception of 'We are One', I hate all of the songs! 'Love will find a Way' is a nice song, but it sounds a pop ballad in my honest opinion. I wish there was 更多 songs to it, especially the ending.


So sorry for my rant over this movie, but I thought that I would like to share with 你 about it.
Scar's sister?