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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Shadow was in pure bliss, his tongue rolling out of the side of his mouth, his eyes closed tightly. His paws involintaraly pushed down on Lilly's head, Lilly let out a surprised "mmph" as he pushed her all the way down his length, not giving her any access to suck. Suddenly, lilly started to swirl her tongue around him, the movement making shadow grunt wildly. The need for air becoming 更多 apparent, shadow finally lifted his paws up and lilly moved up, continuing to suck, moving down from time to time to give his knot some much needed attention. Lilly stopped sucking and decided to try pawing...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
The night sky was filled with the luminescent moon shining brightly on the forest below. The stars were clearly visible against the cool darkness that populated the void above. Lilly and shadow slept comfortably as the small train car glided on the old, battered tracks it was placed upon. Cracks and bumps lay along the rails that slowly made their way back 首页 to Jasper, this caused shadow to stir in his sleep, causing him to wake up from the whine of the train whistle. He sat up and stretched his muscles, the hard floor of the train didn't make it a very ideal place to rest. Rubbing the sleep...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Shady was walking around the pack territory, bored out of his mind, and for some reason he just couldn't find anything to do. Shadow wasn't here, Salty, Shakey and Mooch are in training, and J-Dog, well nobody ever really knows 或者 cares where J-Dog is. And the biggest thing that made Shady think, was that he wasn't in the mood to have sex! He wasn't horny at all, he was being flirted 由 girls all 日 and he just 说 no. All he could think about was Jenna and he couldn't get her out of his mind.

"Is this what shadow feels towards Kate?" Shady asked himself.

"Because if this is what 爱情 feels...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
"So, what do 你 have in mind?" asked Marcus, eager to hear shadow's plan.

"Well, since 你 and me both have a reason to go after blazey, I think we should team up to take him out" requested shadow.

"Hmm, maybe, but what's in it for us?" asked Marcus.

"You get to have your territory back, 你 get to take any new territory 你 conquer from them and 你 get to have revenge on the Shadows" 说 shadow with an evil smile on his face.

Marcus thought about it for a moment and eventually agreed. "You make a convincing argument, 你 have my support" replied Marcus, with a smile on his face like the one...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
In a small pack in the northern part of Jasper, two pups play hide and go seek together.

"3, 2, 1 and ready 或者 not here I come!" screamed Shady as he opened his eyes and began to 搜索 around.

Shady searched around, but couldn't find who he was looking for. After searching for about 20 minutes, he finally gave up.

"Ok Jake, I give up" Shady 说 as the 狼 he was looking for jumped out of the bushes and tackled him.

They rolled down the 爬坡道, 小山 laughing, but eventually came to a stop.

"Gotcha Shady" 说 the wolf.

"Jake your like the best at hide and go seek! How do 你 do it!" asked Shady in amazement....
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posted by lilly_the_wolf
While red was done with eve he decide to talk to shadow
Red: 嘿 shads, I'm sorry
Shadow: its ok, plus I know that Lilly never liked me anyway
Red: maybe to 你 but-
Shadow: she does not like 你
Red: I was not even going to say nothing about that I was thinking we can get Kate, and she can tell us what she likes and what thing she does
Shadow: ok, so I was thinking that--
shadow: what the-
Red: perfect plan, I will set 你 too on a date, then the moonlight howl, then a kiss, then a walk in the forest, and 你 guys might mate
Shadow: (blushes)...
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posted by lilly_the_wolf
Shadow: ok things I need to do, what to do?
Shadow: I know, moonlight howl, the howl, THE HOWL AWW YEAH
Red: shut up
Shadow: 你 shut up
Red: capital l ( means loser)
Shadow: what happen to you
Red: best night ever, I gotten played layed and drunk
Shadow: I see
Red: still drunk dude
Shadow: whatever red
Lilly: 嘿 boys(says in sexy voice)
Shadow and red:lilly?
Lilly: what red still drunk hehe
Then shadow almost fell then caught himself
Lilly: oh red, silly wolf,( Lilly starts to wabble)
Shadow: Lilly are 你 uh drunk?
Lilly: what do ya think, lover boy.
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Lilly's POV

Lilly woke up in an unfamiliar 巢穴, den, 书房 and she tried to get up, but she fell back down because of the pain in her legs.

"What the hell? Why do my legs hurt so bad?" I asked myself.

"Where am I?" I asked to nobody.

"Your in my territory now lilly" 说 a voice, putting emphasis on Kate.

"Who are you!" I screamed at the voice.

"My name is blazey and 你 now belong to me and if 你 cooperate, we can make that a good thing" 说 the voice.

"Go to hell!" I replied.

"Oh, you'll fit nicely here" 说 the voice.

"Why do have me here?" I asked.

I didn't get a reply.

"Goddammit" I screamed as I slammed...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Shadow woke up at the crack of dawn the 下一个 morning, eager to start his 搜索 for lilly. As he was about to head off, Shady came into to his 巢穴, den, 书房 to wish him off.

"You weren't gonna leave without saying goodbye are you?" asked Shady.

"I'm sorry it's just I really eager to get going 你 know" 说 shadow.

"Yeah I know man, go get her back bro" 说 Shady smiling.

"Thanks Shady, you've been a great friend" 说 shadow

And after that Shadow left and started to head for the train that heads north so he can get there faster.

"Well here's the train" 说 shadow as he jumped on the train.

"It's gonna be...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Back at the alpha den, Winston and Eve was wondering where their daughter lilly was. Little did they know, that lilly was kidnapped 由 the very 狼 they are preparing to defend against.

"Where is she? She 说 she was just going on a walk, but she's been gone for hours" 说 Eve, worried about her daughter.

"I'll send someone to go look for her. James I need 你 to 搜索 the territory for lilly, she's been gone for hours" ordered Winston.

"Yes sir" 说 James as he ran out the den.

"If anyone did something to her, I'll rip off their tail and shove it up their 屁股 and then tear out their tongue...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
Lilly woke up in the 巢穴, den, 书房 and decided to go for a walk before alpha duties. After she stretched the stiffness out of her muscles, she got up and began walking out in the woods. After walking for about 15 minutes, she heard a noise in the bushes. She stopped to investigate what the noise was.

"What was that?" asked lilly as she turned around and started walking towards the bushes.

After checking it out for a bit and not smelling anything, she decided it was nothing and walked away.

"Must have been a 松鼠 或者 something, but I didn't smell anything" lilly 说 as 狼 jumped out of the bushes and...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
"Winston, Winston wake up!" 说 the 狼 spy.

"Uh what, wait what are 你 doing David? Didn't I send 你 to spy in the north?" asked Winston.

"Yes and I have information for 你 sir" 说 David.

"Well, let's hear it" 说 Winston.

"Sir, the Shadow 狼 have finished conquering the northern packs and are now organizing their forces" 说 David.

"Hmmm, this is not good at all. Were is their main army located?" asked Winston.

"I don't know where they are now, but they are preparing to march south so we must prepare" 说 David.

"Well, then tell Hutch to put the alphas on alert" 说 Winston.

"I will,...
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posted by lilly_the_wolf
玫瑰 are red, volits are blue, 你 are so sweet and 你 are so kind 你 make me laugh 你 make me smile, 你 never hurt a soul with your sweet smile :)

posted by lilly_the_wolf
Dear Kate,

你 been always making me laugh and always helping me turn my frown upside down. If I could I will give 你 a thousand bucks for all 你 done. First reason why your the best cuz your funny
秒 is your kind a sweet third is best for last HILARIOUS!!!!!!
Lolz. So I have to say thank 你 for everything 你 have done and I know it will come to 你 I promise

By: Lilly
To: awk12
posted by Alphawolfkate12
Shadow decided to go talk to some of his 老友记 when he spotted Salty, Shakey and Mooch.

"Hey guys" 说 shadow.

"Hey shadow!" they all said.

"Who are 你 with?" asked Shakey.

"Lilly" answered shadow.

They all started laughing at what he said.

"What's so damn funny?" asked shadow.

"There's no way in hell your here with lilly" 说 Salty.

"Well I am and she's right over there talking to her friends" 说 shadow as he pointed to where she was.

While shadow was argueing with his friends, lilly and her 老友记 were having an interesting conversation.

"So lilly, I heard that your here with shadow" 说 Ashley....
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
"So shadow, 你 think your ready for tonight?" 说 Shady.

"I don't know man, I'm still kinda nervous" 说 shadow.

"You'll do fine, just don't be nervous about it because then you'll draw her away, 你 need to be confident and believe in yourself and if 你 do that then you'll do great" 说 Shady.

"Wow Shady, I've never heard 你 talk like that" 说 shadow, in awe of what Shady said.

"Oh don't worry about bro, your like my brother. I mean, we've been through a lot together" 说 Shady.

"What, 你 didn't forget about me did you?" 说 a familiar voice.

"J-DOG!" Shadow and Shady 说 at the same...
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posted by lilly_the_wolf
Shadow was interrupted again......
Lilly: what?
Shadow: will 你 be my m-
Lilly: rain
Shadow: rain?
Then it started pouring down rain
Kate: Ahhhh, my fur!!!!
Lilly: Kate my 巢穴, den, 书房 and uh shadow 你 too
Kate: my wonderful wonderful fur!
Lilly: whoa, that was sudden, now what were 你 going to say
Lilly: uh red?
Red: I don't care that I'm a beta, I want to be with 你 I 爱情 you.
Kate: (sad face)
Shadow: red! No!
Then Lilly runs out of the den
Shadow: good job, red, 你 have ruin my only chance
Red: well it's not like 你 爱情 her
*Crickets chipping*
Kate: 你 你 你 你 你 你 like...
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posted by Alphawolfkate12
As lilly stayed up late at her parents 巢穴, den, 书房 thinking about what her father said, she thought that maybe he was right. It's not that she didn't like them 或者 anything like that, Shady made her laugh alot, but once 你 know who he really is and once 你 know his 来源 of "entertainment" 你 start to think that maybe she should be careful not to fall under his charm and try to just stay friends. But Shadow is different, he is kind and polite to her, he never compliments her on her body 或者 tell that she's looking sexy today, he's a true friend to her and one of her only real friends. But as lilly...
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