all the credit goes to RR, except for the one i made.
"Nastoya! come here!" my mom called from the living room. "i told 你 to call me Nasty." i said, obviously irritated. "i just wanted to see if 你 wanted to meet a coworker of mine, we are meeting at the museum tonight." she said. "will it be boring? will there be people i know 或者 are at least my age?" i asked. she shrugged. "i honestly don't know." she replied. i thought for a moment. "i'll go." i 说 at last. she smiled. "get your coat." she said. i ran to the closet and grabbed my thickest hoodie. i slipped it on, brushed my long red hair out of my face, and went back into the living room. "i'm ready." i announced. my mom got up, grabbed her coat, and gestured for me to follow her out the door to the car.
when we finally got there, it was dark. we pushed open the doors. "hello, Meg." a man called out. Dr. Julius Kane stepped out of the shadows. i looked at my mom, amazed. "if 你 had told me 你 were meeting him here, i would have 说 yes right away!" i exclaimed. Dr. Kane smiled. "i see i have a fan." he said. "i'm completely obsessed with all kinds of mythology, Egyptian is my favorite, though." i 说 so fast that i had to repeat it. something in the shadows caught my attention. i watched and two 更多 people stepped out of the shadows. they were kids, probably my age. well, the guy was probably my age anyway. "Sadie, Carter, this is my coworkers daughter," he looked at me, "what is your name?" he asked. "Nastoya, but i go 由 Nasty." i informed him. "this is my coworkers daughter, Nasty." he finished. they came over to introduce themselves in a 更多 detailed way. "i'm Carter Kane. i like to study mythology too." the guy that i assumed was my age said. "i'm Sadie Kane. the girl said. i smiled. "my full name is Nastoya, but that sounded to princessy. i changed it to something that suited my personality more." i said. while we were talking, the adults were having their own conversation. the were now hunched over the Rosetta Stone. a blue light started to fill the air. apparitions shot high up to the ceiling. "is this happening 或者 have i finally gone crazy?" i asked in awe. "i don't think 你 are going crazy, i see it too." Carter said. the stone exploded. a piece flew and hit my head. i started to see double, even though what i saw was scary enough. Dr. Kane and my mom were encased in sarcophagi. they sank into the ground. i sank into darkness...