Middle Jonas Brother Nick Jonas is dating Miss Universe Olivia Culpo! The duo were spotted out on a 日期 at the Ovest Pizzoteca restaurant in New York City late last week.

A 来源 who saw the couple on their 晚餐 日期 told E!:

Nick was leaning in towards her across the 表 like she was saying something really important.

The 来源 also saw the duo holding hands on their way out of the restaurant!

They looked really happy when they walked together. Me and my friend both agreed they were, like, swinging their arms all happily.
Another 来源 saw the duo holding hands leaving Nick’s apartment earlier in the night, but 说 as soon as Nick realized his 粉丝 were outside he let go of Miss Universe’s hand!

Awww, looks like all of the Jonas Brothers are off the market now!