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posted by habbofirstfan
joy- 嘿 nina im sorry ive been 表演 latley i was just..........Jealous
nine-Jealous of what?
joy- well 你 beening with fabian
joy-anyways,lets talk about mysteries like why is King tut so angry and i dont know wierd about the cup of ankh?
nina- Hes after me and senkarah but hes dead alfie once pretend to be him!
joy-*put wierd face on*
* Meanwhile.*
Fabian- 嘿 amber have 你 seen nine?......amber amber
Amber-*laughs evilly*
amber-*Turn into senkarah*
fabian- AHH NOO *get captured 由 senkarah*
Senkarah disappeares*
Amber enters
amber- why are my dresses all over the floor!!!! thease are brand new!!!!!!
nina enters
nine-Hey amber what wrong
amber-My clothes are all over the floor!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nine-looks at 橙子, 橙色 flowerd dress
nina-stares into dress and sees senkarahs sigh
to be countined....................
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In the new season of House of Anubis, what mask is Sibuna looking for? And is Nina going to loose her life?
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