The scene of Wanda 接吻 Ian and almost immediately making out with Jared was intense and I liked it. I mean I didn’t like the part when Ian starts 接吻 Wanda and she didn’t feel that overwhelm and he had to go find Jared. But at the same time I liked it. People must think that that was Wanda’s fault for not responding but it wasn’t. It was Melanie who didn’t responded because the only one that could bring her back was Jared.

When Jared kissed Wanda 你 could see the great 爱情 that Mel and Jared had for each other. Jared knew that Mel was there. He was determinate to find her, no matter what. He loved her and he was 接吻 her not Wanda. Wanda got carried away but not because she loved Jared 更多 than Ian but because of the strong memories that Melanie had 给 her so long ago.

The 爱情 that Ian had for Wanda went beyond jealousy and hate. He knew what had to be done and he did it. He also knew that he didn’t 爱情 the body, but the soul inside it, Wanderer.