If 你 haven't seen the movie yet and are anxious to know everything 你 possibly can about it, here is a 列表 I put together of fun facts from the movie:

#1: Mel and Jared have sex. If you've seen some of the clips for the movie, 你 already know this. (If 你 haven't seen the clips yet, check out the one called "Campfire Kiss.") But Mel and Jared sleep together while they're on the run from the Souls, which isn't something that they do in the book.

#2: This is still open to discussion, but Ian's character is really underdeveloped. In the book, his relationship with Wanda takes a lot of time to develop and grow and sprout into romance. But in the movie, it's like he wants to kill her one day, and then 吻乐队(Kiss) her the next. The O'Wanda relationship really doesn't have a lot of room to develop. They fall in 爱情 very quickly, hard and fast and without warning. It kind of makes their romance feel unrealistic and unbelievable--but maybe that's just me.

#3: Walter didn't make it into the movie. Stephenie Meyer (the 作者 of The Host) has already mentioned this in an interview, so 你 might already know this. Walter's not even in the movie at all. 你 never hear his name 或者 anything. He just simply doesn't exist. And there were a lot of other minor characters that got cut as well.

#4: There's definitely some humor sprinkled in throughout the movie. It wasn't like they turned The Host into a comedy 或者 anything, but the film totally had its moments.

#5: There's a lot of changes from the book. I mean, it's obvious that the movie can't follow the book exactly, but there actually a LOT of changes. I suppose there was nothing major that was changed, but I'm sure I wasn't the only person shocked to see how much they deviated from the book.

#6: Jamie's so freaking ADORABLE! I guess we all knew that already, but my 心 just melted whenever he came on screen. The actor who plays him (Chandler Canterbury) is actually fourteen years old, but he seems much younger in the movie. And he has an excellent way of tugging on the audiences' heartstrings, especially in emotional scenes with Wanda/Melanie.

#7: Here's an interesting bit of information for you: Ian and Wanda 吻乐队(Kiss) a total of four times in the movie, while the count for Jared and Mel is five times. Simply said, it's a whole lot of making out to 果酱 into two hours worth of film, but I'm sure all of the females in the audience were pleased.

#8: The actress who plays Melanie (Saoirse Ronan) got an Oscar nomination at the young age of thirteen for her role in the movie Atonement. However, I don't think she'll be earning another nomination for The Host. To me, her 表演 was a little crummy. There were times in the movie when she didn't sell the scene right 或者 her character seemed really unrealistic. I guess this is my own personal opinion, but there were lots of other people who agreed with me in the movie theater--there was one scene in particular where the whole audience just started laughing out loud because Ronan's 表演 was so terrible and dumb. And I have to say it honestly was.

If 你 have any other 问题 about the movie, feel free to ask away in the comments. I'll answer all of them, and I'm sure some other users will if I can't.