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"Someone care to remind me why we're in Nico's cabin, yet he's not even here?" The son of Thanatos asked the rest of them. "Or his girlfriend for that matter." Slate snickered at Carter.
"That is not true! Sadie and me are here, we just couldn't care less about one of Carter's Harvard lectures." Nico 说 coming in. "We were just in the game room."
"I'm sure," Jace 说 sarcastically and Maya elbowed him. "By the way, when did Percy fall asleep? And how, because I want to follow suit." Annabeth rolled her eyes at Percy, then flicked him until he woke up, which would take quite a while.
"What should...
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posted by RomanGreekDemi
In a FUTILE EFFORT TO appease Asmadasahater (did I get your name right?)...Okay, anyways, THIS IS A SONGFIC. THERE, HAPPY?

Title: Futile Efforts
Rating: C (T on Fanficion.Net
Type: Humor/Family
Synopsis: Play-by-play of a regular 日 for our 最喜爱的 son of Hypnos with Annabeth and Percy desperately trying to wake him up. Of course, it's a futile effort.
Characters: Clovis & Annabeth C.
Disclaimer: I'm not going to bother.
Today I don't feel like doing anything.

"Clovis! Hey, Clovis!"

Clovis half-heard Annabeth yelling at him while he floated half-way between the dreamy world and the real one....
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posted by sparkles3
Kiki's POV
I do not own Gravity Falls

“Hey, Dipper, did 你 ever think of what
everyone would do if 你 just randomly died tomorrow?” I asked.

“Um, no. Why would I think about that? … Wait, you’re not getting depressed again, are you?” The last 问题 was asked rather frantically. I smirked and shook my head.

“I just like to be prepared for anything. It is quite possible that I could die in the 下一个 24 hours.” I reassured him in a purposely non-reassuring way. He raised his eyebrows, and I started to sing:
“If I die young
Bury me in satin
Lay me down
On a 床, 床上 of roses
Sink me in...
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A/N: Hope 你 enjoy my first PJO 粉丝 fic! Please review!

(Annabeth's Point of View)

Chapter One: Arguing and Agreeing

I can't remember the Last time Seaweed Brain and I fought. But I do know it doesn't happen as often as it used to.

That's why this time; it was a lot 更多 serious.

You see, Percy and I used to be like best 老友记 and all, and we used to argue a lot. I think it's in the genes. Our parents, Athena (my mom) Goddess of wisdom and Poseidon (Percy's dad) God of the sea, really don't like each other. Anyways, Percy and I started going out about a 年 ago. Now we don't fight as much. In...
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posted by Mayla4president

Believe me, I never thought I would end up being with Percy Jackon. I used to dream about Jason at night...did I just say that? My cheeks are burning brightly but it is true. So heres the story.

The ship was landing and oh-my-gods I was going crazy. People were rushing everywhere and my hair was a mess. No joke. I couldn't find my other pretear and I was hyperventalating in the inside. And pretty much on the outside. I was probably 展示 my emotions so much that if Lupa were here I'd be dead. Thank the Gods she isn't. 或者 is she?...get back on track! Reyna focus! Find Percy and tell hi-...
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Chapter 2: Arguing and Apologizing

I got up early 下一个 morning, really unenthusiastic about it. I couldn't believe I would have to spend an entire 日 with Percy.

Okay, under normal circumstances, I would have been overjoyed. But these circumstances were not normal.

I got ready for the morning really quietly, since my 舱, 小木屋 mates were still sleeping. I walked out onto the grounds and headed for the Armory, where Percy and I would finish the chariot the children of Hephaestus had started.

When I reached the cabin, Percy was already up and working. I have to admit, I was impressed. Percy wasn't exactly...
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Prelude- summer nighttime
An eleven 年 old girl is running from a monster. Up ahead is a farmhouse. Little does she know that the farmhouse is Camp Half-Blood. The monster is catching up to her and is soon right behind her. She stops. Bad mistake. The monster claws her legs. She tries to runs. The monster lunges again, tis time clawing her back and neck. I MUST at least get to those woods, she thought. So she bolted to the woods.
Somehow she loses the monster in the woods. It howls in rage and leaves.
"I'm safe," she murmers and passes out.
So like?
posted by Persephone16
Hey, this is a one-shot I 发布 on People seemed to like it, so I thought I'd post it on here.
It's a Harry Potter fic. JamesxLily and how they got together. So, yeah...tell me what 你 think...

Rating: Ya
Type: Friendship, Romance
Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns Harry Potter and all its characters, not me.
I didn't write the 语录 below, not sure who did...but I don't own them.


Love isn't finding someone 你 can live with, it's finding someone 你 can't live without.

You gotta take some chances, 你 gotta risk losing it all, 你 gotta close your...
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posted by Rainshadows156
Albus got off the train slowly and dreadfully.He couldn't see Hogwarts from where he stood except for the tips of a tower. Ablus searched for James calling out his name over the crowd of students.
He caught of glimpse of magical carriages carrying students away. Threastrels.(A/N i know I can't spell it) Albus sighed in relief. James lied.
Then he heard a voice. A loud kind voice shouting above all the others.
"First years! FIRST YEARS! Over here! To the boats!"
Hagrid. He had visited the Potters many times. Albus was glad he knew him. He saw the towering man near the lake. Waving his...
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posted by Persephone16
Hello people! Okay, so I read the rules and I think I'm doing this right. If I'm not....someone tell me and I'll fix it.
So, in English we had to write these short story things and this is mine. I just wanted to see what 你 guys thought of my writing.
This isn't a fanfiction of any book 或者 anything, I wrote it all...I hope it's allowed...anyways, on with the story.

Rating: YA
Type: Action, Mystery, Romance...

Secrets of the Shadows

“Why are we here, Ethan?” Sarah whispered as we moved through the cemetery. It was a cool, quiet night with the moon glaring down at us. No one was around, but considering...
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posted by Kronos429
can 你 guys tell me if my first chapter (so far) is good? Thanks a lot.So its really short but plz 评论 and criticize if 你 feel need.


Jason was restless, Leo was hyped up (as usual), 坦莉雅 looked sick, and Annabeth was sulking. Piper couldn't blame them, she felt sick herself.
She glared at Leo as he steered the ship absently.
"Leo!" Piper exclaimed. "You're gonna get us killed!"
"Chill Beauty Queen," Leo said, grinning. "I got this."
She kept glaring at him until he sighed, defeated.
"Fine," Leo grumbled, as he took a firmer hold on the wheel.
She sighed, relieved. It wouldn't do any...
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posted by Asmadasahater
Hola, I am Asmadasahater 或者 AM for short.
Most of 你 are from the 超能英雄 of Olympus club and know of Amph ‘s rule. Well, I decided to post rules for this club based on Amph’s rule with the help of Paulion98.
I am not trying to be mean and will use a lot of please. And when I say a lot, I mean a lot.

1Chapter stories
These belong in the forum. Please don’t write them in articles.
It will be impossible to find.

2 Short stories
When I mean, I mean short. These stories should go in articles. Information can go in 文章 as well.

3 The forum
This is used for chapter stories.
Please continue your...
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Hey all! Serenna here with my very first 火影忍者 fanfiction! I decided to post it here, so I hope 你 all enjoy it! ^_^


Why do they treat us like monsters?

We're not monsters.

Just misunderstood.

What if 火影忍者 hadn't been completely friendless during his childhood? What if there was someone there to help him through the pain? When 火影忍者 befriends a girl with hair as white as snow and a light beaming around her, his life changes from then on for the better. But what if Hikari is apart of an ancient prophecy and is indeed the being of light? Will she be able to save 火影忍者 from his demon...
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posted by percyLover101
"You know what... Your useless!!! Get out of here!! I can't stand to look at 你 anymore!!!", My mother yelled as I ran out the back door of our house, tears streaming down my face. My feet ran as far as they could until, on got caught on a rock and I landed face first into a dirt plot. Slowly I dragged myself to a nearby 树 and leaned against it.

"Useless.... How am i useless....", i thought to myself. It all just happened so quickly... The words just spilled out of my mother's mouth.... This is what had happened..

"I'm going to go across the 街, 街道 to help Grandma Ofelia with her groceries.......
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posted by iluvPrinceMJ213
*13 years earlier*

They glanced up at each other every now and then through-out potions class neither of them not needing to pay attention. His black eyes seemed unable to concentrate on anything else but her green eyes. She pushed back a bit of her long dark red hair, catching his eye as she did. She gave a sigh and a small nod allowing him to know she would indeed talk to him after class. He took this as a relief compared to the weeks of being shut out. The boy who was 更多 adult now than child like the others was sitting 下一个 to her was watching her moves carefully, his hazel eyes glaring...
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posted by sparkles3
This is GROJBAND. The song if from Mockingjay 由 Susanne Collins

Peaceville, 1700's

Laney got the first note a week after IT happened. IT was when Corey, her boyfriend for a month, best friend for life, had taken the blame for some terrible thing Laney had done. Again.

This time, though, the consequences were irreversible.

Laney had killed three people. Corey knew he would be hanged, but he covered for her anyway. The law enforcement had forced her to watch as the life drained from his eyes, which found hers at the last minute, as he choked out the word; 'Run.'

And run she did.

For a week, Laney...
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posted by Kronos429
I paced my lab, eager to share my new invention with my partner, Wall-e.
We were both brilliant scientists—and only sixteen years old. 由 the age of 14, we both had an IQ to rival the likes of Albert Einstein. It was the 年 2015. We had made astonishing discoveries that had turned the scientific world on its head, flipped it over, and flushed it down the toilet. For example, we had discovered 492 new elements, only half of which were synthetic. One of our greatest discoveries was the ability for some astral creatures to survive in the vacuum.
However, some things we discovered—we kept...
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posted by SeaweedBrain101
uuuuuum... yeah, this isn't exactly an 文章 but i couldn't think of anywhere else 2 put it. THIS IS FOR ALL 你 PERCABETH FANS! hope it's at least a little bit funny (i suck at 写作 humour) it's short so don't worry, just read it if 你 want and tell me what 你 think:

Dyslexia (created 由 me)

Percy- “Uuuummm… 嘿 Annabeth?”
Annabeth- “Yeah Percy?”
Percy- “How do 你 spell meet?”
Annabeth- “M.e.e.t. why do 你 want to know?”
Percy- “I’m 写作 a note to someone. How do 你 spell me?”
Annabeth- “M.e. but I still don’t get why-”
Percy- “What about by?”...
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posted by sabina98
This following story is my first and the characters do not belong to but to unbroken hours and i take no credit for her game i am just borrowing her characters and playing with them
Exhaustion the only thing Mina knew apart from starvation,fear and betrayal.
She could never comprehend how she a supposed so called monster could feel anything apart from the want to kill she was accused of daily on her run for her life.
She never even felt anything of that type maybe anger but that's because those good for nothing 狗 after she went through the...
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posted by GreekRULES515
I saw her pick up a yellow stick with a little tuff of 粉, 粉色 on the top. I rubbed my eyes, I couldn't believe it, it was a pencil. That hit on the head must have been harder that I thought. She started 写作 with her golden, wooden pencil. The light 粉, 粉色 eraser had a tiny slope near the end 展示 that this pencil had indeed been used before. The tip was actually 草 green, pointy like a sharks tooth. It was pretty big and looked like it would fall off the pencil at any moment, dangling for life -- like me. I know I probably sound weird comparing myself to a pencil, but after all I'd been through it didn't seem that crazy. The tip shook slightly 你 wouldn't have seen it if 你 hadn't been looking at it closely. Then suddenly it fell to the rough paper, dead, rolling around before halting to a stop at the table. Finally gravity took over and the pencil tip fell to the ground.