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Attention all dominicans and omega 粉丝 first off if I'm not allowed to write here pls tell me in the 评论 anyway I waz wondering if anyone wanted to 加入 a club me and my 老友记 made pls if 你 are interested 或者 have any 问题 regaurding the club put a 评论 below if 你 Want to 加入 u can either go to drcutie23,or my 个人资料 and 你 will find it me and my 老友记 made and if 你 are wondering yes we as Dominicans thank 你 for time pls tell me in the 评论 if 你 are willing to 加入 或者 have any 问题 oh and the other person who is making this club with me is drcutie23 hope u like it ~ Emmett4ever