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posted by Windrises
Moana is a 2016 迪士尼 animated film that has Dwayne Johnson as 1 of this film's main characters.

The Plot:

Moana is a young girl who is destined to team up with a demigod named Maui to save her island. However Maui does not want to help Moana. It's up to Moana to get Maui to help her defeat a lava antagonist.

I wasn't expecting that much from Moana's plot, but it turned out to be a 更多 interesting film than I expected. The early scenes of the film were not that interesting, but the film got better later on. The storyline involving the lava antagonist is surprising.

The Characters:

Moana is a likeable and cool character who is 1 of my 最喜爱的 迪士尼 princesses. Maui is a fun character who is really well voiced 由 Dwayne Johnson. The comedy relief chicken is thankfully not annoying.

The Animation:

The film's 动画片 is really good. It is 1 of Disney's best looking films. The lava antagonist looked pretty awesome. This film is great at having impressive visuals.

The Songs:

I was pleasantly surprised 由 how good the songs are. Moana's songs are really good and Maui's song is pretty amazing.


Moana is a fun and impressive looking film. I think that this film is worth checking out.