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Gotta get up, I'm going to YouTube,
I'm gonna see a friend of mine,
He's round and he's funny,
I 爱情 him because he is...

Orange, Annoying Orange,
Looking for fun,
Making friends, jokes and puns,
Orange, he's not a doorhinge,
嘿 you're an 苹果 now!
If 刀 comes, 你 better run!

HIs kitchen's so beautiful,
Never despicable,
At Dane Boe's house you'll find,
If you're feeling blue, just go to YouTube,
And 你 will encounter, this one-of-a-kind...

Annoying, Annoying Orange,
你 like him 或者 not, he's still so popular,
Orange, pay down your morgage,
Just your friends, you, me,
It's funny old AO and me,
Song tune: link

Orange: I'm tooty, I'm fruity,
I am a little cutie,
And I play the flute-y, I'm sure to irritate!
Hey, my name is Orange,
To prove that I'm not boring,
I make myself annoying,

Pear: [annoyed] And I'm always his roommate!

Orange: I live in the kitchen,
It's full of 食物 and life,
My 首页 sweet home, it stands alone,
If 你 avoid that knife!

I'm tooty, I'm fruity,
I have a citrus suit-y,
My name's Annoying Orange,
And I am their strife!

Here's Passion and Mallow,

Marshmallow: I have a cute-guy halo,

Orange: And here's Midget Apple,

Little Apple: It's Little Apple, please!

Orange: And Grandpa Lemon,...
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Taken from Ask 橙子, 橙色 6. How long did 你 ride the fart ship?
annoying 橙子, 橙色
橙子, 橙色
Orange: I am annoying in my heart,
Hey, knife, 你 look so sharp,
And 你 would like to chop me, easy,
But mister, 嘿 that 你 know what, you're dull just like a butt [laughs],
Knife guy, 你 can't chop me, 果汁 me.

Pear: If I didn't have you, there would be nothing left,
The skin of a 梨 who could never be his best,
Despite your annoyingness, I'm still your best friend,
Orange, please, now don't be dead, yeah.

Little Apple: All my life, you're a great prize,
Called me a midget, 你 made me get angry,
And 你 made fun of my size,
But despite that, nobody can chop 你 down.

Marshmallow: All my life,...
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