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电视 [#3] Show;Couple;Female Character; Male Character

38 fans picked:
Show; The Xfiles
Female Character; Chloe Sullivan
Couple; Chloe & Oliver
Male Character; 狐狸 Mulder
 xxxxsammyxxxx posted 一年多以前
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KathyHalliwell picked Couple; Chloe & Oliver:
And Chloe
posted 一年多以前.
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salemslot picked Show; The Xfiles:
One of the best shows ever made.
posted 一年多以前.
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cicino1 picked Show; The Xfiles:
I agree salemslot

BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 一年多以前.
last edited 一年多以前
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VanessaR picked Female Character; Chloe Sullivan:
posted 一年多以前.
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Mony-Black38 picked Show; The Xfiles:
The X-Files, Fox Mulder and Chloe Sullivan.
posted 一年多以前.
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geminigurl89 picked Show; The Xfiles:
Love all of these
posted 一年多以前.