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Emmy Awards: Who Will Win, Who Should Win



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smoore23 said:
Definitely agree with the Office/30 Rock one. I love The Office, don't get me wrong, but I definitely feel that it doesn't deserve an Emmy this year. 30 Rock on the other hand, was brilliant this season.
posted 一年多以前.
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i agree with best supporting actress on both, but alth0ough i think tina fey is awesome i really think christina applegate should get best actress!
posted 一年多以前.
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clanbillr said:
It's always a good time watching the Emmy Award Show but as always I hate the way they make fun of those who aren't dressed the best!!!
Plus it's always a shock to me who win's when your a fan of a show you want them to win!!! They nominate, they show up, you hear them and your ready and "BAM" they say something or someone that you've never seen!!! Your first word's are always "WTF"!!
But it's always an awesome thing to witness on TV!!
Thank you to those who bring us these awesome award shows!!
One of my favorite things to look forward to during the year!!
posted 一年多以前.