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Full name : Jodie Cadence Marlo Diven
Parents :(new mother) Mika ( late mama) Cleo and Joseph Diven
Siblings : ( older bro) Toby & (little sis) Marlo
Age : 18
Residents : Dallas TX moving to LA California
Occupation : model
Relationship : Duncan ( TDAS )
老友记 : Toby Rogers ( yes Ticci Toby ) , Damien roffono, Milton fauster , Allison Mika , Duncan , Jane lore , Jacky miller , & Ben Alro
Friend labelings : Toby : the mental , Damien : the moleavent gay , Milton : the brainy gay , Allison : the redneck chick , Jane : the party animal , Jacky : the jerky brain , ben : the gamer

Family plans : 4 kids that's good
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" Last time on total drama all stars as most of 你 remember the last challenge was like amnesia but most defiantly after what happened to Jo . When Scott was racing to the 最佳, 返回页首 of the cliff he might've caused a little avalanche which Jo was a victim of and if she doesn't wake up soon I'll be a dead man !!!! " Chris shouted while jumping up and down " um anyway tells see who well go 首页 下一个 或者 if I'll live another 日 right now on total drama all stars !!!!! " Chris 说 while looking nervous

~later after the challenge ~
It was poring down rain...
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