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posted by Liepe
Disclaimer: Don't own Total Drama Island

This fanfic dose not belong to me, it belongs to WillowWitch on

Justin was looking around, making sure no one would notice him. Today was exactly one 日 after the fight over Noah began, and somehow, Duncan and Cody were already reaching out to him. If he was going to stay within reach of Noah's love, he had to act now. Although he was hoping no one would notice him, it was actually pretty hard with Katie and Sadie looking for him to stare at. However, with...
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posted by luckyt8
Noah and cody do not belong to me they belong to tdi and I also am not really bridgettes sister and am the oldest of me and my youger sister. The girl is me.
Noah and Cody were waking in the park holding hands when noah and cody saw a girl with brown hir and blue sorts on and a red t-shirt. She was playing basebll with some other kids. After the game Noah and Cody walked up to the girl. Hi 说 Cody. 嘿 your Noah and Cody sadi the girl. Yay how did 你 know 说 Noah. My sister tolf me all about 你 two. Then Cody asked " Who is your sister? Oh my twin sister is Bridgette she is older. My name is Tiffany.

Find out what happenes when I updated
posted by nocofangirl218
So this is my first story. Wow, just seems like yesterday when I had the idea to do these. Time fly’s doesn’t it? I hope 你 all enjoy this. Remember to rate and comment!

Also, I don’t own anything Total drama related!

A- Absence

As Cody heard Noah jumping out the plane, he realized how dull the world seemed. Before Noah jumped, the world was this bright and colorful place; filled with nice friendly people. Now, however, Cody realized the world was actually colorless; filled with backstabbers, hypocrites, and liars.

Cody also realized...
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posted by luz-anwar-light
I was perfect sleeping in my room when suddenly someone shut my door with all the force than someone would have, it was Cody.

Noah, wake up! Today is the day! Today is the big day! – He sound pretty excited so I
Thought it a while decided to continue making me the sleeping – today is the 日 that I’m gonna joining to “the drama brothers”! - Oh that’s right! Today Cody was going to audition for “the drama brothers”

A silly band formed 由 Trent with a little help of Harold and Justin, because 你 know he is “hot”. Anyone would say that is a desperate copy for the Jonas Brothers...
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After Izzy had 说 the immature thing she 说 and after Noah and Cody blushed and all that
Izzy said: “Anyway’s! 你 guy’s need to come see this! I caught a squirrle! “
Noah was pissed now: “Get out Izzy!!!”
Izzy: “Bu-“
Noah and Cody yelled: “Get out!!!”
Izzy: “Fine! You’re loss!” Izzy then closed the door and ran out.
Noah sighed and kept looking at the ground: “Well…you want some music?”
Cody: “Noah. Answer my question, who was the person that 你 were in 爱情 with?”
Noah paused: “…Like 你 care…” He stood up but Cody grabbed his wrist making Noah look...
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posted by Dramatic-Teller
Noah finally woke up from A LOT of hours of sleep, he looked at the clock: 3:04 P.M.
He looked to his left…Cody was still sleeping…Noah thought: “I should wake him up…neh. I’m gonna take a shower.”
Noah got up and passed Cody’s 床, 床上 then walked into the bathroom which was attached to his room.
About 24 分钟 later Cody was rested enough to hear the 淋浴 running, Cody yawned and sat up on his 床, 床上 then stretched. Then the 淋浴 shut off. Cody stood up from his 床, 床上 in his ice-blue pajamas and walked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth and gargled. After he was done he looked...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Noah: *getting on the 船, 小船 of losers* NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T TAKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I 爱情 你 CODY AND I ALWAYS HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *boat floating away* I LOOOOOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cody: ...
Chris: Today we're doing Total Drama Rent! The couples will be Gwen and Heather, Trent and Courtney, Duncan and Sadie, and Noah and Cody!
Noah: Does this mean I get to be with Cody for the movie cover?
Chris: Yes!
Noah: Okay
Noah (on the inside): WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Noah was 阅读 his book on the plane as they flew to wherever Chris decided to take them today He coulden't get into his book to much because of everyone yelling and making alot of noise. Chris decided that everyone would get to sit in first class today just because he felt like it. Personally he would have rather been sitting anywhere but where he was because of all the noise But at least he got to be in the same room as Cody. Noah always had a thing for Cody but never told him because that just wasn't how he was he never spoke of his feelings. Now everyone was just annoying him especially...
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PART 7!!!! So, I 爱情 making these! ^u^ I kinda think that school might not keep me from updating this after all! Then again....I could be terribly wrong. o_o Anyway, I'm gonna stick with Noah's P.O.V. sor a bit, but then I'm gonna switch to Cody's....maybe. Anyway, please enjoy!

Warning: This has mention of drug abuse. It may frighten the kiddes, so please be careful.


*Noah's P.O.V.*

I actually stayed asleep in the quiet cabin, that is, until I heard the 舱, 小木屋 door open and close. I opened my eyes slightly to see only...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Okay, so this is something I decided to randomly do one day. This is basically how Total Drama Island would've happened if NoCo was one of the canon couples. Also: there is no TxG, 或者 DxC in this story, so please don't read it if 你 don't like the couple. One last thing: this was inspired 由 a DxG series titled: “Secrets”. If 你 like DxG, please go check out the awesome story 由 starburst-rock. :3

Also, I don't own the TD series, so please don't think I do.

*Noah's P.O.V*

As the 船, 小船 slowly approached an island...
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Noah's POV

"Duncan,"cody greeted."What are 你 doing here?"
"oh,you know,"he said."Taking a little walk around the neighborhood,video taping 你 two trading spit."
"That's a really gross way to put it,"I added.
"Whatever,"he said."Anyway,im gonig 首页 to uplaod this on youtube,twitter,mypace,facebook,fanpop,and the TDI site!"
"what the hell is fanpop?"cody asked.
"Who cares!"duncan said.He ran off to post this on every known site ever!

Cody's POV

"WAIT!YOU GET BACK HERE!"Noah yelled.He ran after Duncan.
I knew he would never catch up,noah's too slow.
So,i had to take action into my own hand.
I went the...
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posted by nocofangirl218
It's part 5! 糖果 玉米 all around ya'll! :D Seriously though, thanks to all of 你 who have been supporting this little fiction! ^u^ It's comforting to know I have some reveiwers. TuT Anyway, I hope 你 all enjoy pt.5! :D


*Noahs P.O.V.*

After Trent's 'preformence' and when Justin got back from the beach, we all went to bed. I was honestly very tired, but I found it very hard to sleep. My mind kept going back to what Justin told me ealier, and......I was afraid he might be right.

'No....he can't be right! He.....he just...
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posted by koalagirl9
Written in Noah Pov
I sit in central park alone on a cool spring day.When i here a voice.
Hi Noah. The voice says.
Cody looked so good..I really liked him but i couldn't let him know.He's no homo. I stare at him hes not even wearing shirt.I go over to the wishing well grab some spare change and hope my wish comes true as it falls.

I threw a wish in the well.Don't ask me i'll never tell i looked to 你 as it fell and now your in my way.I'll trade my soul for a wish pennys and dimes for a 吻乐队(Kiss) i was'nt looking for this but know your in my way.
Your stare was holding ripped jeans skin was 展示 hot...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Okay, this is part 4! Man, I really need to stop letting the time fly 由 like this. .3.' Anyway, I know I usually give 支持 in this part of the story, but....I kinda just wanna jump right into the it.

Hope you'll like it! x3


*Codys P.O.V.*

I was sleeping peacefully until Chris announce through the speaker that we all needed to get up, and 报道 in the mess hall. I sat up, streached a bit, and hopped out of bed. Despite my late night last night, I felt suprisingly awake.

"Hey dude." Trent greeted, just getting out of...
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posted by nocofangirl218
So, since part one did so well, I've decided to go alond and do part two! I hope 你 all enjoy! :3 Also, this was inspired 由 a DxG series, so please check out the awesome story 由 starburst-rock, and blah, blah, blah! Again, hope 你 like part two!
So, on with the story!_________________________________________________________________________________

*Noah's P.O.V.*

"Okay, todays challenge is three-fold." Chris announced as almost everone crowded around the edge of the cliff. Yeah, crowding around the edge of a huge cliff is always a good idea guys. "Your first task is to jump off this one-thousand...
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posted by TDI_Angel
I relized something about fanpop's TDI spots- there are DuncanxCourtney, TrentxGwen, BridgettexGeoff, IzzyxOwen, and even LindsayxTyler spots. But no NoahxCody!

I know there are 粉丝 of NoCo on 潮流粉丝俱乐部 other me! So, I made this spot. Put up whatever 你 like, as long as it's related to NxC. If 你 enjoy this couple, please join! If 你 hate this couple, get the hell out of here. I made this spot a few weeks ago, but forgot about it, and now I'm ready to open it up!

But one thing- I can't 上传 pictures. I'm not on a computer. So I can't 上传 a banner 或者 an icon, but 你 can! If 你 want to, just use this link:

The 图标 should be a picture of the famous Noah and Cody sleep 吻乐队(Kiss) in "The Big Sleep". (preferably one where Cody can be seen smiling and they both have their eyes open =)
I'm not sure about the banner.... Tell me before 你 编辑 the spot, please. :)

Anyway, welcome to NoahxCody spot!
posted by Part_of_the_sky
Hehe, well I feel kind of awkward. I mean, I know the ladies 爱情 themselves some boy-love but Noah? Seriously? I barley know the guy, sure he kissed me and we looked at each other a couple of times but still! I mean I don't like other guys but it's cool if the girls pair me up with one. If that's what make them happy I'm game. But Noah? He's a jerk, apathetic, lazy and 总体, 整体 a jerk. Uhh, this is going to bother me. But hey, that's my fault for looking up that stuff anyway, but all the other campers were doing it! I joined in, it started off awesome. I found out I have a lot of fangirls,...
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posted by nocofangirl218
Ppppaaaarrrrtttt 10! YYYYEEEESSSSS! >w< I'm SSSSOOOOO pumped to be 写作 this series! I mean, I just noticed....there isn't much NoCo 写作 going on lately. >.> I know it's because people are going Codierra, but....darn it, I like NoCo! >.< *sighs* Oh well, I guess 你 can't control what people like. ^^; Anyway....onto ze story! :D


*Noah's POV*

I actual slept peacfully that night. Somehow, confessing to Cody about my feelings seemes to take an entire world's load off my shoulder's. Plus, getting...
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posted by Liepe
Disclaimer: Don't own Total Drama Island. End of Story.

A/N: This story is right after Duncan arrives to Playa Des Losers.

This belongs to WillowWitch on, not mine.

Izzy, the crazy wanted girl of Playa Des Losers, had been sneaking around ALL DAY, making sure to stay out of everyone's sight. Why? No one would know. Being a contestant on the famous hit 显示 Total Drama Island, no one really cared about what she did as long as it brought RATINGS! … Well, only Chris cared about the ratings. His producers...
continue reading...'s the 下一个 part! X3 I'm so happy this story is making all of 你 commentator' other words.....comment. .3. Yeah; I'm gonna start this already! XD


*Cody's POV*

I slept surprisingly well that night – last night – but all to soon the alarms blare woke me up. I groaned only slightly, and swiftly turned off the alarm. I then sat up, and stretched out before happily going to take a shower. Thanks to the full night of sleep; I felt 更多 calm and rested than I had in a while. After...
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