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posted by Black-Rose-DxG
(Got inspired 由 Runaway 爱情 由 ludacris feat. Mary j blige but my take I don't own Duncan Gwen 或者 this song I only own my of ivy p.s. I'm not going 由 the song my be just one part)
Gwen and Ivy's mom was on every type of drug in the book and to 最佳, 返回页首 it all off they were abused 由 they're step dad they go to school with bruises on they're back and arms the gym teachers ask 问题 about them they tell them they fell they came 首页 to see there dad and ask why the school called they run up to there room hen sneak out there window to meet up with there only friend Max as they were walking gun...
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posted by gwenxduncanFAN
 由 courtney
by courtney
gwens pov
(crying with Bridgette patting her back)
"why, why would he do this to me!!!" i yelled
"i...i dont know i just know 你 need a new man."
Bridgette 说 trying to comfort me.
"b-but ...but i dont want anyone else i want DUNCAN!"
"LISTEN TO ME DUNCAN DIDN'T COME. 你 HAVE TO FORGET HIM, remember he left 你 waiting at the alter, he hasn't spoke to 你 in 3 days do 你 even know where he is!?" she shouted
"no" i whispered.
"well call him and ask him why"
"great idea bridgette thanks" (we hug)
i take out my phone and dial duncans number.
" hello, duncan listen i...."
"oh hi gwen." 说 the voice...
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posted by 0loneleepixie0
*3 am; Tokyo; Sui Hotel; Gwen 唱歌 like nuts with headphones on :D*

Gwen: We weren't born to follow,
C'mon and get up of your knees!
When life is a 苦 pill to swallow,
You gotta stand up for what 你 believe..
Let me hear 你 say yeah yeah yeah
Ohh Yeeah..

Duncan: *laughs* and gets out on the balcony* Baah!! *touches her shoulders*

Gwen: *Her headphones fall on the 街, 街道 from 2000 feet and brake* Wha.. tah.. *turns around and slaps him* ..Duncan!!!

Duncan: Eeasy there!!.. So 你 sing, huh?

Gwen: ..Do not!!

Duncan: Do too!!

Gwen: *sighs* I.. liked .. that song, that's all..

Duncan: *laughing* ..Please...
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Awesome video 由 thecartoonremix4! I 爱情 DxG and they are amazing! Enjoy! :D
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Remember how Alejandro had what he called "Latin Charm" which made most of the girls fall for him.
Gwen wasn't one of those girls,but what if she was? Duncan may turn jealous which can make him blind.WHAT WILL HAPPEN!?!?

Will Duncan and Gwen still be together?

Need to make this longer to publish


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posted by colecutegirl
the 下一个 日 i wento to te mall with her and brought her some clothes *im sooo sorry i didt pack i ust anted to get out-* she was saying *no orries i understand and its the least i could do after what youve ben through besides i won total drama action* i replied *you were on that show! i was* gwen exclaimed. Gwen... wait gwen the girl who was my vest friend since tdi the girl who dumped tremt for me and who fell inlov with me? *gwen?* i asked *wait..duncan? youve changed so much!* sh 说 giving me a hug have 你 seen yourself youre adorable but its trent 你 mean elvis who hit you* i wispered...
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***This here is a collaboration fanfiction that will be done in parts 由 Gwentrend24 and me, Bakes2389. This first part is 由 me, Bakes2389. This is meant as a fanfiction from Duncan's point of view as he ventured into and out of TDWT and onto TDAS. We are trying to make this as accurate as possible with the dialogue and scenes from the show. Hope 你 enjoy!***

Part 1:

    A few months had passed since the end of Total Drama Action, the reality 显示 that had been sweeping the nation for two consecutive seasons. The show's juvenile delinquent had taken the win, and for his...
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