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Black Crowes' Chris Robinson on Taylor Swift: 'Horrible'



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Anna_95 said:
posted 一年多以前.
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Of course he's 100% wrong about everything he said. He couldn't possibly be more wrong! It's not embarrassing that adults say that Taylor's very talented; they're just telling the truth and it proves that they have good taste in music and that they know what they're talking about. They know what REAL music and REAL talent is. And Taylor doesn't need a computer to do the work for her; she does it all herself. If she was horrible or untalented in any way (which she's not), then how come she's won so many awards, sold so many concert tickets and albums, an has so many fans? It just goes to show that all comments about Taylor being horrible and/or untalented are nothing but false rumors and that anyone who spreads those rumors or believes them doesn't know what the heck they're talking about. They're wrong. Still, I can't believe how heartless he is. What did she ever do to him?! He's jealous because his music is dead and it was terrible to begin with. His/The Black Crowes' "music" (I use that term very lightly) is nothing but bland, boring, heartless, soulless, senseless garbage. Taylor's music, on the other hand, is exciting, beautiful, well-written, and full of heart, soul, emotion, originality, and individuality - great music that everyone (regardless of age, background, etc.) can relate to. He can't sing (live or not), he can't write, he can't play the guitar, and Taylor does all of those things brilliantly and with ease. He has no talent at all; Taylor is the best songwriter and the most talented musician in the world. She writes great songs, great lyrics, her singing is great (live or not), her guitar playing is great, etc. He and the other untalented members of his crappy band can't compete!
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tsh85 said:
TAYLOR SWIFT.....5 reasons why I hate her!!!!!!!

I've fast grown disenchanted with Taylor’s ‘Surprised Princess Of All Things Perfect And Oh! Look At My Hair. She’s like one breathless, blond version of Groundhog Day - Every time we see her she’s doing the same exact thing, and it’s grown damn old real fast.

After forcing myself to sit through (The Taylor Swift Awards) The Grammys, I've compiled my list of 5 Reasons Why I Hate Taylor Swift complete with a gallery of the singer busting out her signature award - accepting moves (the open mouth, the glazed over look, the hands on the heart). And while I must admit to feeling a bit guilty about bashing a girl who’s barely out of her teens, the Taylor Swift bullshit has gotten too strong to ignore.

* 1. Her ‘OMG! I can’t believe I just won this award! I mean, I’ve been nominated for over 87 awards and have won 59 of them, but seriously, OMG! I AM IN SHOCK!’ reaction every time she wins something. Look, we know it must be thrilling to snag a ton of trophies before reaching legal drinking age, but get it together girlfriend. Just because your song is named “Breathless,” doesn’t mean you have to be.

* 2. The fact that she kinda can’t sing. Holy crap, did you hear that mess at the Grammys? I'm starting to suspect that maybe Tay’s voice isn’t ALL THAT when she’s not being digitally enhanced in the studio. And we won’t take nerves as an excuse - she’s been doing this shit since she was 14, she should be a pro by now.

* 3. The way she flops her ugly ass hair. They polled people about why they loathed Taylor and numerous haters pointed in the direction of her hair tossing moves. Is her heavy ugly ass hair flopping really necessary?

* 4. Taylor’s sparkle princess uniform. We get it Taylor, you are a pure pretty princess, made up of sugar, spice, all things nice, and 100,000 Swarovski crystals and sequins in varying shades of white, gold and silver. The only thing more annoying and saccharine than her outfits are her award show speeches. Leave the fairy tale shit to your new single, puh-leeez.


When will people of the United States realize that the people on television are not there for their "talent" but they're there because some producer/record company needed to make $$$$$$$ so guess what...he/she will do!

They're willing to have a professional write all their music and lie about their sexual urges and exploits to make America think "WOW" this person is too good to be true. Music stopped being about talent in 1980. From there it turned into who can shock and turn you on the most.
posted 一年多以前.