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As Tails was repairing the engine io his X-Tornado, Cosmo was at the grocery store picking a few items up. Fiona 狐狸 saw Cosmo in the store and was going to warn her about Dark Oak! At first Cosmo was confused; but then when she heard the word "abduction" coming out of Fiona's lips, she got worried. The last 4 words Fiona 说 were, "Good luck; watch out"!!! Then Fiona ran out of the store as fast as her legs could carry her. Later at the Prower house, 雏菊, 黛西 the daughter of Tails and Cosmo Prower was Talking on her cell phone to a 随意 friend; while Brian was playing Call of Duty on the...
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posted by Sonic_X_fan
 Tails and Cosmo
Tails and Cosmo
Tails saw Cosmo fall out of the sky and she landed a few feet away, knocked out. He knew she needed help. When she woke up she told them the dangers of the Metarex, an evil army of robots who want to destroy the Universe. And now all this time they have been fighting the Metarex, so Cosmo decided to throw a surprise "Thank You" party. Until Victor, Charmy, and Espio came and they needed their ship to be repaired. And I guess, somehow, he found out that Tails was in 爱情 with Cosmo, and here comes trouble. Victor had three plans and all of them sank to the bottom, except plan four. Victor kicks the disco ball and it's coming towards Cosmo! Then Tails jumps on 最佳, 返回页首 of her to get her out of the way. Then a good staring moment comes. On the 秒 to last episode Cosmo sacrificed her life to save the Universe. After the Universe was 安全 her last words were: "Tails, whenever 你 need me, just look for me right 下一个 beside you." Two 爱人 never grow apart.
~Thank 你
 Tails and Cosmo
Tails and Cosmo
posted by taismo0fan
tails was new in battalion. small,16,and a matter of life and death ahead. tails exploring throgh the base when he saw a girl not 2 taller than him. he gose over to her "hi, im tails" the girl looks over and smiles "hi 你 must be new, im cosmo" tails smiles "yeah im new and a little scared" "were all scared tails" tails scratches his head "relly?" "yep!" "but its ok" tails smiles "but i can tell 你 this cosmo" cosmo looks at tails wierd. then tails looks pained "these 颜色 dont run yet were brighter than a thousand suns"........THE END FOR NOW....