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posted by crowdreamer
Part I—The Assault

There she was, sitting at her desk…with his gun. What the heck was I thinking, leaving her alone like this? he asked himself.
    “Liv. Liv what are 你 doing?” A huge pit opened up in his stomach, while each hair on his head stood at attention. She raised the gun to her head.
    Just one 月 ago, Olivia Benson had a regular life--as regular as it could be for a detective who investigated rape cases. While other cops in her department came and went, burning out due to the egregious nature of the horrendous crimes they witnessed...
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posted by iluvtheshow
Olivia sat at her desk, all her ever pressing emotions bumping around her head. When she went 首页 the emotions broke through the cage of her mind. Sealview, El- never mind she didn't need to about him too. Work was her only refuge, a place were Olivia's raging anger and sadness went into what she did. She was not a feeble, troubled women, 或者 so she thought. She was Detective Olivia Benson, and that had to mean something.

The case she and El were working on was bothering her. It was just so demented. The perp would kidnap 3-4 people and run "experiments" on them. There had been 3 seperate sets...
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Olivia sat in her sitting room thinking just take the pills and this could all go away, she would never have to see his face again the-look in his eyes when he lunged at her. The alcohol she was drinking helped numb her system. The tears that filled her eyes fell onto her cheak. She was 10 how could some one she trused do that to her?
-"Liv, Please I know your in there open the door?"
"-Dammit Elliot please go away!" Olivia 说 rasing her voice to hide her sobs.
"Olivia Benson there is somethimg wrong with 你 and im not letting 你 suffer alone... Please? Trust me?" Elliot 说 resting his...
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posted by j2eee
As Olivia walked towards the squadroom, she smiled replaying last night in her head.
She walked in and noticed Elliot wasnt at his desk.
"Hey Casey..Errm wheres Elliot?" Olivia 说 as Casey handed her a coffee.
"In with Captin Cragen,He asked me to keep 你 out of there? Do 你 know something we dont?"
"No" Olivia replied abruptly.
"Ok someone got out of the wrong side of the 床, 床上 this morning" Casey 说 walking away.
"Dont bother Olivia" Casey said.
Olivia turned around to see Elliot walking out of captins office. Elliot handed Captin Cragen his shield and gun.
"ELLIOT" Olivia says as she...
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posted by svu_luver


The officers lead Elliot outside and shoved him into the back of the police car but left the door open so Dean could talk to him.As Dean neared the car Elliot could see his face turn from anger to confusion as he pulled out his phone.

"...Don this is of yours has been arrested....Yes...anonymous tip....No...Okay...Well Capti...Ok...I understand....Meet ya there in 20 minutes....Yes...Ok....Bye"

Dean smiled as he walked over to Elliot and made sure he was just millimeters away from his face...."Book him..."he smiled and shut the door in Elliots...
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posted by Denajah101
Olivia sat on the 长椅, 沙发 all alone deep into a case when someone knocked on the her surprise it was Elliot!!!el what are 你 doing here so late.umm... No REASON ! I didn't wake 你 did I Elliot 说 nervously. No just working on a case.Elliot sat on the 长椅, 沙发 looked at the case file and then back at liv.liv this is a cold case 你 need to sleep.I can't I think this might be connected to my mothers how are Kathy and the kids ?Um I don't know why don't 你 ask Kathy!Elliot yelled in rage.oh Elliot I'm sorry I didn't its not your fault I just 迷失 it sorry for screaming...
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posted by wrvengirl
This is my first fanfiction please comment!


"Are 你 ready for me Daddy?"my partner Olivia Benson purred steppig towards me.I was wearing nothing but my boxers and she had taken off her shirt.She came up to me and put her hands on my chest and that undid me. She didn't notice did she? Yes...she did. she she ground against me and i put my arm around her and pulled her closer.My god she is sooooo beautiful but, now, i can't look at her because if i do she'll see right through me , see how very much i want her. I only had time to think "I 爱情 你 Livvy!" before she was yanked away.

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added by svu_lover1
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"You cant just leave work and not expect me to follow you" Elliot 说 grazing his hand on Olivia's arm. Olivia looks up at him and notices tears in his eyes.
"No please just listen Olivia, Im married to Kathy, I have five beautiful children but Olivia the happiest I feel is when Im in your company.."
"Elliot the most important part of that sentance is that 你 are MARRIED! and i never should have told 你 how i felt-"
"If i wasnt married would you?" Elliot whispers
"You are so it-"
"Answer my question!"
"Yes Elliot I would.." Olivia says turning around walking away from him.
"Well that can...
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As Olivia opened the door she felt a surge of fear shoot through her body. She wondered could Kathy kill her?
"YOU 说 你 爱情 MY HUSBAND!!" Kathy screams pushing the woman out of the way.
"Kathy calm down!" Alex 说 rasing her voice.
"Sorry? Alexandra-is it? Dont 你 get involved this is between me and HER" Kathy 说 through gritted teeth.
"Kathy I am so sorry I didnt think-"
"Damn right 你 didnt think.." Kathy 说 slapping Olivia across the face. Olivia cried out in pain. Alex hearing this tries to break the women up- unsuccefully. Elliot bursts in to the appartment.
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posted by elbaby313
Liv what did 你 just say?I 说 he almost raped me and 你 weren't there for me.I didn't know Liv,I..I just didn't know and I would have been there for 你 and i thought 你 knew that.Now Liv please tell me what happened that night?OK.I um went out on a 日期 with this guy and he seemed fine at first.Everything was good.We ordered food,we laughed and we got to know each other.It had to have been around 9 pm when i called it off.It was getting late.I told him I had to go but he he got a little weird in 说 I should stay a little longer. Liv how is that weird.It isn't what he 说 its how he...
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posted by j2eee
"Hey Liv 你 there?" Elliot 说 banging on the door.
As Olivia swept the door open Elliot grabbed her in an embrace.
"I missed you" Olivia whispered.
"I know, I missed 你 too but I had to work something out" Elliot 说 as he twirled a strand of her hair around his finger.
"Daddy!!" Lizzie screamed as she ran and gave him a hug."
"You ready to go Liz?"
"Yeah ill go and put my stuff in the car" Lizzie 说 grabbing her bag.
When she was gone Elliot 说 he wanted to speak with Olivia.
"Everything Ok El? Olivia said.
"Everything is great I want to know can we go out for 晚餐 this evening? If your...
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posted by beachchick
The team has just wrapped up a big case. And the whole team is going out to celebrate.
“Hey captain we’re going out to celebrate 你 want to come?” Elliot asked. “Sure, let me just finish putting the case in the system.” Cragen replied. “That’s ok we are still waiting on Olivia and Alex.” Munch said.

Alex and Olivia are walking down the street.
“Well I’m glad that it’s over.” Alex said. “He won’t be harming innocent children anytime soon.” Olivia 说 smiling. “We should go visit him when is sentence is over in 150 years.”
They are walking down the 街, 街道 laughing...
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A story of a Detective's (Elliot stabler) need to find his partner,Detective Olivia Benson. Elliot finds himself on a roller coster ride with all the emotions and stress of the case. Elliot has one week to find his parner before the pervert who took her kills her like he has with his other victims. Lives will be lost, innocent will be found guilty, cops will lbe buried, badges will be put down, but will Elliot find his partner and tell her his true feelings before it's too late?...

A story of a Detective (Olivia Benson) who awakes to find herself in a living nightmare. After being kiddnapped...
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It happened. Elliot had been shot. The man pulled his gun and BANG! Right at Elliot's chest. Olivia wasnt even looking. She was walking away.Right at the end of the ally. Right where the sun was shining. BANG! She herd it and turned. The man ran but Olivia didnt care. All she could see was Elliot, HER Elliot lying on the ground. She ran to him. "Officer down officer down we need a bus at 10th and Parkway". Elliot's eyes were closed. She thought he was dead. "Wake up! Elliot please". The EMTs were there. "Hes still breathing" one yelled. He was on the strecher and in the ambulance. Olivia by...
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posted by svu_lover1
Lying on a blanket in the park, Olivia watched life go 由 – families playing, birds flying, and 爱人 laughing. She heard a voice behind her and smiled, having recognized it immediately. He dropped down onto the blanket beside her, and she rolled over to face him.

(Olivia P.O.V.)

El’s smile was so breathtaking, I nearly forgot how to breathe. Scooting closer, I laid my head down on his chest and snuggled up 下一个 to him.

Yeah, I know, a little bit of PDA, but who cares?

Our moment was interrupted 由 two children around the age of 5 jumping on 最佳, 返回页首 of us. We both laughed, and El began tickling...
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'Hey El, dont cry sweetheart im right here' Olivia says pulling Elliot into an embrace..

Suddenly Elliot wakes up and notes Olivia isnt there- reality hits him again. He starts crying hysterically for the third night in a row, he's had a dream about Olivia. He needs to stop this! He is going crazy! But she was just so perfect. He crawls out of 床, 床上 and sees its 4am. 'Its too early to go to work' he thought to himself so he pulls on his 夹克 and grabs his keys- he has to sit with her he cant leave her there alone.

'people say she's only in my head. Its gonna take time but Ill forget. They...
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As Elliot walked in to Antons he dreaded what was going to be discussed during the awkward breakfast.
"Hi El,over here." Olivia 说 waving him over to sit with her.
"Hi Olivia." Elliot says sitting down. "Hows your side?"
"Ok Kathy didnt really hurt me" Olivia 说 trying to sound fine.
"You couldnt get up" Elliot 说 abruptly.
They just sat, silent, Olivia ocasionally looking up into Elliots green eyes. Elliot took her hand.
"Olivia talk to me, i need 你 to tell me that I did the right thing leaving her-"
"Was there a right thing? 你 left your wife for ME! 你 left your family for ME."
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Elliot stood there breath hitched for what felt like an eternity. Olivia Benson loves him! He is a married man he couldnt respond to that.. Could he?

"I-I shouldnt have 说 that im sor-" Olivia blurted out seeing the awkwardness in Elliots eyes.
"No, I asked 你 to share..and well 你 did" Elliot says softly still in shock but a smile spread accros his face.
The two detectives then look up at eachother and laugh, 更多 out of awkwardness than anything.
"Elliot 你 couldnt have prevented the assault.. I just need 你 to know that." Olivia says taking two steps towars her still stunned partner.
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Even though two people stood in the interview room Olivia felt alone. How could she talk about this again? Especially with him..
"Olivia?" Elliot questioned looking over at the frail woman the opposite side of the room.
"Yeah?" Olivia 说 as she sighed deeply.
"Liv,I know this is hard but I couldnt help 你 when 你 were being attacked but i want to help 你 now, please just talk to me, let me help you?"
"Elliot, please just dont, Im not talking about this again.."
"Olivia I know 你 like to be independent but this isnt the time! If 你 keep your feelings inside they will eat 你 and i refuse to...
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