Im in a warm place now im happy i got out of the cold air.But were was i all i remember was being carried out of the aly. I dont open my eyes i just listen for sounds i can hear somone walking back and fourth then somone says "is she still alive she hasent even moved yet" " yeaa shes still alive dean" another voice 说 i felt two cold fingers press on my neck "she still has a pulse" the man said.what was i going to tell them for sure they were going to ask what happend to me i cant tell them that i was possessed they will think i am crazy.But i am gonna have to tell them something.

I remember the people i killed and all the blood and torture.i was there but i couldent control my own body.I remember the demon going out of me and all the black smoke going in to the sky.I dont know why it left my body but i was happy that it was gone. after the demon left i herd a voice in my head saying " its gone now jill dont be afrid my name is castiel im an 天使 and i need ur help i need 你 to help the two winchester brothers on i mission".I thought it was just my imagination but it wasent.

I asked why i had to help them but there was no answer like he was gone.

I started to open my eyes a bit i was looking at the ceiling i leaned up and as i did that the two guys shot up from were they were sitting. They run to my side the tall one put his hand on my back and asked if i was ok i didnt say anything i just stared at them scared to say anything. i looked at my hands and arms they were cut,brused and bloody i wondered what the rest of my body looked like.

Whats ur name the short one asked "ummm... m-my name" i 说 ""yea ur name like im dean winchester and this is my brother sam winchester" my eyes widend they cant be the winchesters the 天使 was talking about could they? "Im Jill" "ok jill what happend to you" sam asked and there was the 问题 i didnt want to answer i had to think of some lie to say " umm...t-they killed h-her my mother" i started to cry ...they bought it
my brown hair falling across my face and my blue eyes filling with tears and i was starting to tell them a lie to wat happend to me that night.