After pondering this impossible scenario for little while longer, Sam pushed open the door and they walked in.
They were greeted 由 the usual large metal drawers with handles used for pulling the trolley holding the corpses on, and each drawer had a small name tag shoved in a slot at the front of it. Thanks to their earlier research and indeed the nerdy receptionist’s information, Sam and Dean immediately started scanning the drawers for the names of Chase, Burgess, Taylor and Hughes.
“Hey.” Dean nodded towards the first one he had found, Leah Burgess. Before firmly grasping the handle and pulling it out, he informed Sam that this had been the one of the murders, not the suicides. Sam and Dean looked at the trolley to find a white cloth covering an unmistakable body-like shape. Sam held up a fist, hinted at his brother to do the same, then they both tapped them in the air three times in unison. Sam then held out another fist, and Dean made a scissor formation with his hands.
“Damn it!”
Sam grinned at his brother’s predictable 移动 and stood back in relief as Dean drew back the cloth to reveal a pale, waxy, yet pretty girl with a deep, raw gash sliced across the entire front of her throat. Dean sighed as Sam dug around in his pockets for a few papers he’d brought with him about all the causes of death of the people involved.
“You don’t need that, Sam. Look at her. She bled out.”
Sam noted the tone of regret in his brother’s voice and laid the papers on another tables beside the trolley, then leant down to look for any tell-tale signs of anything supernatural.
“The plot thickens,” Sam 说 as he drew his hand back part of the girl’s neck wound and held up what was undeniably sulphur for Dean to see. Dean seemed expressionless for a second, then frowned as he began to think what his brother was thinking.
“Wait...she was the one murdered, right?”
“Right. So there should never have been a demon in her.”
Dean thought for a second. “Well, maybe there wasn’t. I mean, looks like her attacker got pretty close to her.”
Sam shrugged but remained unconvinced. This was odd. He pushed pessimistic thoughts to the back of his mind, as he was already so used to doing, and pulled out the drawer containing Leah’s boyfriend next, Tom Chase. He pulled the cloth back without hesitation; the quicker he got did it, the shorter they’d have to look at the body for.
Tom Chase looked a couple of years older than his girlfriend had; Sam would take a guess that Tom and he were about the same age when he died. Dean took out his EMF detector and waved it slowly through the air 下一个 to the corpse. It squealed and varied wildly in tone from low to high as Dean confirmed what he had thought.
“Well, this guy was definitely possessed. There’s 更多 sulphur than the other body, and the EMF’s going mad.”
“Yeah.” Sam agreed with his brother’s evaluation.
“But what was the cause of death?”
Dean drew back the cloth 更多 to reveal a 更多 than big enough stab wound able to kill someone in the man’s abdomen area.
“I’d say a self-inflicted stab wound like that would probably do the trick.”
Sam grimaced and double-checked on the papers he’d brought with him to the morgue. That had been the official cause of death, according to medical files.
After examining two 更多 corpses, it was near noon, but Sam was definitely not in the mood for eating. Both couples had either been murdered 或者 committed suicide in exactly the same way; Eva Hughes had stabbed herself, and Nick Taylor had had his throat slit open 由 his girlfriend. Both had traces of sulphur, again, and Eva had definitely been possessed, but they remained unsure about Nick. Happy couples, Sam thought sarcastically to himself as they came down the morgue steps and began the short walk back to the car.