Hello everyone. It’s me again, back with another interview with Molly a.k.a Irishsoul12.

Ok, thanks for doing this, I appreciate 你 taking the time!

Thank 你 for asking me to do this. I 爱情 talking about 邪恶力量 and Castiel all the time. In my house no one cares about that, except me and my little sister, Sage.

When Castiel made his debut, what went through your mind?

I was really surprised that they were adding angels. I knew the 秒 he walked through those doors he wasn’t a demon, like Dean and Bobby thought. I knew he was something really special. I can honestly say that I was really in shock when I saw him. Nothing particular went through my mind, I was 更多 interested in who 或者 what pulled Dean out of Hell in the first place!

How did 你 feel whet Castiel became a regular on the show?

I was so happy. Here was this show, that I have grown to adore and now they were adding 更多 and 更多 layers to the show. I was so happy when I read that Castiel was now a regular. But I also started panicking. They sometimes don’t keep the same actor, but in the season five premiere I was relieved to see Misha as Cas again. He’s the best for that role. No one can come close to his awesomeness at all.

What is your 最喜爱的 Castiel quote?

“Hey Ass-butt” ha-ha. I laughed so hard when he 说 that line.
And of course…
I loved his voice mail too, in “99 Problems”, that was so priceless!

Your 最佳, 返回页首 five episodes in which Castiel appeared?

1. Sympathy for the Devil
2. Free to be 你 and me
3. The End
4. Abandon all Hope
5. Point of No Return

And final question, we know he‘ll be in Season Six, how do 你 feel about that?

I feel so good. They are keeping Castiel. What’s not to feel good about? I’m really worried too. I know he’ll be that same Cas in the same body, but will he still be wearing the Trench coat? LOL, I’m like pizzapi in that respect. I 爱情 our trench 涂层, 外套 wearing angel, without it, he’d be just another guy. No, just kidding, I really was relieved about hearing the news that he’d be returning to Supernatural. He can’t hang up those shadowy wings just yet. He still has work to do.