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SM artists and 更多 congratulate Super Junior on their 10th annivesary

The celebrations for Super Junior's 10th anniversary continues!

The actual 日 was yesterday but people are still in a festive mood. SM Entertainment's artists joined in the fun with a video montage of each group relaying their congratulations to Super Junior. This includes Girls' Generation, Red Velvet, EXO, SHINee, f(x), and TVXQ's Changmin. On 最佳, 返回页首 of that, staff members and employees also relayed their congrats for an 总体, 整体 heartwarming video.

Feel that SM family 爱情 above! And congratulations once again, Super Junior, on a decade of success.
posted by jessaangelia
"eunhyuk" doa
Tuhan, ini org kampungannya bukan main. aku khuatir dia di perkosa lelaki. Tuhan aku mau sama dia. terima kasih.

maaf everlasting friends, kami bukanlah dewa yang sempurna. kami ini manusia yang punya kekurangan. kalian lihat kami bagai malaikat namun kami selalu mengerti bahwa seandainya kami bukan super junior lagi dan sudah tuapun. maka kalian akan meninggalkan kami. kami ini senang memiliki banyak support dari kalian. apakah kalian bisa membuat super junior abadi selamanya?
hi my name is jessica and i would share a story. may u enjoy this.

"leeteuk" doa
Tuhan, di dalamku aku menyebut nama tukang bau telur itu. aku bertemu dgnnya di gereja. betapa berkatMu untukku. aku jatuh cinta padanya namun aku tdk jg kunjung menyatakannya. lengkaplah sudah 果酱 dinding dorm kami Tuhan. amin

"heechul" doa
Tuhan, si kek itu membenci aku tetapi aku malah penasaran sangat sama dia. lengkaplah 果酱 dinding dorm kami dgn kedatangan si khek itu. apakah aku? mengapa aku yang terpilih? ok aku disguise lagi jadi perempuan dan pergi ke seluruh tempat ibadah agar dia jangan membenciku

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Kpoptown: I have bought from this site many times and the items weren't damaged in anyway. The only complaint i have, is the long time i had to wait for it to get here, like 1-2 weeks. Other than that, i 爱情 it! The website was also very easy to understand so i didn't have any problems with it. ^^ The 秒 link is their ebay, i perfer the original site though. Now to 包, 换行 things up i will tell 你 about the things i bought: Eunhyuk clear file, Donghae clear file, Eunhyuk button, Donghae button, and an Eunhyuk poster.



Kpopplus: I haven't bought from this site as much as...
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posted by Ieva0311
1. Sungmin has a father, mother and a younger brother called Lee Sungjin.
2. Sungmin’s first 吻乐队(Kiss) is his closest friend Eunhyuk.
3. He loves accesories picked 由 the people he loves.
4. He once thought about changing his style on pink., but when he opened his closet, he saw his clothes were mostly pink. so he changed his mind.
5. Sungmin’s closest 老友记 during training is Xiah Junsu and Eunhyuk.
6. Sungmin showers together with Eunhyuk.
7. Sungmin’s sleeping time is 4 hours per day. It apparently is not good for his health
8. Sungmin always wears a golden ring on his pinky. He’s been wearing...
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1. His stage name is Yesung and it means “art-like voice”. His real name is actually Kim Jong-woon.
2.Yesung is a rock 星, 星级 in “Attack of the pin up boys”.
3. Yesung had to be in hospital after he collapsed after running for a charity marathon, he ran 70 km.
4. He usually gets cut off from TV shows because he talks too much.
5. When he had his debut it was only until a few weeks later that he was shown on stage.
6. He likes to touch the other members philtrum at night time, he will go into their rooms and touch their philtrums.
7. He is part of Super Junior K.R.Y- Super Junior Kyuhyun, Ryeowook...
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Super Junior‘s Leeteuk sent Yesung a message of encouragement on his plan of enlistment.

On March 27, Leeteuk was appointed a PR ambassador along with Sangchu at the Seoul Military Manpower Administration’s 10th annual military ambassador ceremony. At the ceremony, Leeteuk said, “When I was out in society, I was able to eat and do anything I wanted. After I enlisted, I realized I was happy and appreciated for all the small things. I also realized how precious people were. Yesung is going to enlist soon, and I want to tell him to have strength. I know Yesung must be nervous, wondering if he’s going to do well. But I was the same, and anyone can do it. I want to tell Yesung, ‘Yesung, have strength, and do your best as a member of Super Junior in the time 你 have left.”

Meanwhile, Leeteuk is scheduled to be discharged from the army on July 29, 2014.
最佳, 返回页首 20 best selling Korean idol all the time (global)
全时段最佳销售韩国艾豆 Top20 (全球)

1. TVXQ - 11,152,585
2. Girls' Generation - 4,153,539
3. KARA - 3,718,163
4. Big Bang - 2,972,500
5. Super Junior - 2,607,508
6. SHINee - 1,389,182
7. 2PM - 1,092,124
8. CNBLUE - 1,005,303
9. JYJ - 923,016
10. BEAST - 797,287
11. FT Island - 775,104
12. T-ARA - 770,258
13. 2NE1 - 553,516
14. Infinite - 540,642
15. MBLAQ - 331,027
16. 2AM - 267,265
17. B1A4 - 263,547
18. f(x) - 261,466
19. Exo - 238,276 ♥
20. 4Minute - 226,700
 Handwritten letter 由 Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
Handwritten letter by Teuk that is uploaded into the official Super Junior board on November 23rd
To. My lovely Fans! My everything is in the ELF’s two eyes…

I’m Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk!! Ah… I’m the 85th recruit, Park Jung Soo right now!! How are all of you? I’ve gone past Euijungboo and I’m now at the White Horse RTC (Recruit Training center) and having a good time with fellow soldiers that are 10, 11 years younger than me!

I’ve gone from being Super Junior’s leader to now being the leader in my squadron as a recruit. Even here, I’m feeling a lot of popularity. ^^

Before I came here, I was really nervous and scared, but now that I’m actually here I’ve...
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posted by Jenjen_bunny
I don't own this all rights go to the source:

my only one Chinese Hankyung hyung…

Hankyung hyung, this is your GameKyu, your DraKyu, your KyuMong, and your 小13 (Little 13) and recently adding two 更多 nicks, so now 你 can also call me as SlideKyu 或者 DanceKyu.How are 你 hyung? Do 你 eat well? 你 seem much thinner now compare to the last time I saw you. Obviously 你 had been with us for 更多 than 5 years already and nearly 10 years with another 11 hyungs since the training time, so I guess 你 must be used to with our Korean 食物 and in a sudden 你 moved back to China, and yes everything...
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Okay so here I'll be 写作 all my experiences I have had with Super Junior. I hope 你 will like it ^^

This was all in fun, if this offends anyone, I apologise in advance. That was not my intention.

1. The first song I listened to 由 them was 'Superman'. I know, if only it was 'Sorry Sorry', but I was a late bloomer to Korean 流行的 music. It's even worse, because I didn't really like that song and it gave me a bad first impression of the band.

2. They came to my country earlier this 年 and I really wanted to go (even though I wasn't that fond of them, I knew they were 流行的 and I thought...
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some hackers blocked the website to not alow 粉丝 to vote so please help !!!

posted by KpopPrincess15
Please help Super Junior to receive the honour of having Korean 网址 由 voting!!!!

All 你 have to do is go to this link link

Click on 슈퍼주니어

Click YES. Thats one vote.

One IP address can vote ONCE a day.

QUOTE “If 你 have a dynamic IP address (which means that u can change your IP address 由 turning off your Internet connection then turning it on again) 你 can vote 更多 than once a day. Also apparently your 得票数 are doubled if 你 also view SJ’s video from the link 给 in the poll” - Credits to BaOgui & MissHeeZee

Link to the video is supposed to be this link but its not working for me :/

Voting ends June 8th.
posted by TheMarce1999
Because I Naughty, Naughty
Hey! I’m Mr. Simple
Because I Naughty, Naughty

SuJu ganda!

sesangi naemam daero andwen dago hwaman naemyeon andwae
geureol pilyo eobtji (Whoa)
geokjeong do palja da jageun ire neomu yeonyeon haji malja
mome johji anha

seong jeogi johat daga nappat daga geureon geoji mwo heung!
shil jeogi ollat daga tteoreo jyeotda geureon ttaedo itji
eojjeo myeon, gwaenchanha, shwieo ganeun geot do joha
modeun geoshi ttae- ttae- ttae- ttae- ttaega itneun geonikka

geudae ga namja ramyeon chingul manna sulhan jane teoreo beorigo
(Alright!) Alright
geudae ga yeoja ramyeon chingul manna suda tteoreo...
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posted by TheMarce1999
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba

neol algga malgga algga malgga neomu yebbeun miina
nal michyeotdago malhaedo nan niga johda miina
nuga jeonhaejwo My baby to my baby naega yeogi itdago malya
gidarinda malya (Baby, 你 turn it up now)

neon gatabuta gatabuta mal jomhaera miina
ni maeumeul gajyeotdamyeon geunyang naneun salmui Winner
i sesangui ichiran ichiran yonggi itneun jareul ddara
na gateun nom malya

yetmale Say yeol beon jjikeumyeon neomeoganda eusseuk eusseuk eusseuk
geunyeoneun gangjeok ggeuddeokeobda bbijjuk bbijjuk bbijjuk
nan eoddeokhalgga...
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The name ‘Super Junior’ is not only ours now. As the Leader of K-pop, they’re gaining fandoms not only in Asia but also in the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia, etc. Instead of the ‘untouchable superstar’ image, their familiar and natural charms are 更多 dominant. The average age of the members are now 27 years old. They have dramatically transformed from some cute younger boys, to some warm oppa(s). The culture of South Korea will be incomplete without the presence of their talent and charms in radio, musical, movie, 或者 drama. We had the chance to work with Donghae from Super...
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Earlier this year, Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon were in Taiwan for a long stay. While the rest of the Super Junior M members were busy promoting their mini-album, "Perfection," Donghae and Siwon were occupied with the filming of a Taiwanese drama, "Skip Beat." Now, after 更多 than half a year’s wait for the release of the drama, it has been revealed that the drama will finally air in mid-December!

It has been revealed that the first 展示 of the drama is expected to be held on December 14th, and the agencies for the main actors and actress are working hard to ensure that they will...
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n August 25th, Mnet’s midnight variety show, “Beatles Code“, hosted guest appearances from Super Junior’s Shindong and Donghae, who revealed that being cute can be too much of a good thing.

Shindong began, “If Donghae and I ate alone together, it would be weird.” Piqued 由 this unusual statement, especially since they’ve been groupmates for seven years, the audience craned for Donghae’s explanation.

Donghae replied, “It’s not weird at all — I just 显示 a lot of aegyo towards Shindong.” He continued, “When we were shooting a drama in Taiwan, I was shocked to hear that...
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KBS 2FM’s ‘Super Junior’s 吻乐队(Kiss) the Radio‘ has become a must-see stop for many tourists in Korea. Mainly, because of the two hosts, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

Hundreds of 粉丝 gather outside to catch a glimpse of the two DJ’s who also 匡威 with listeners for two hours every night. While other idols avoid taking on radio schedules due to the killer schedule it usually entails, the two have been going at it for five years, recording the 最佳, 返回页首 spot in listener ratings and becoming the pride and joy of radio producers.

Sports Korea recently sat down with the two men for an interview...
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On August 22nd, Super Junior’s Shindong admitted to his 粉丝 that he underwent a cosmetic procedure to get double eyelids.

Shindong tweeted, “Pwahaha. This hot reaction. Thank you. It’s a good thing I did it. It’s been a while, but seeing this reaction, thank you. On the stage, I’m hearing that I’m cool and in variety shows, I’m hearing that I’m funny, so it’s giving me strength in addition to this diet. Everyone, thank you“.

He later tweeted, “What — There’s word that there’s no difference. I did it on purpose, so what do 你 mean no difference! Should I have done it thicker? There’s also people saying that my eyes will explode. Sorry, it’s already done and I can’t go back”, and attached a selca of his new double eyelid eyes.

Netizens replied with, “Of course, it’s Shindong oppa and he’s cool“, “Shindong is admitting it coolly“, and “You look 更多 masculine“.