#5 Things 你 Probably Didn't Know About Spirited Away!

5. The main charatcer: Chihiro is based off of something 或者 someone.
-Hayao Miyazaki, film director of Studio Ghibli, Based Chihiro off of his best friend's daughter who was -at the time- 10 years old. She was also the one who convinced Hayao to continue Directing movies, after Hayao was thinking of retiring after he finished up Princess Mononoke.

4. Even the famous Hayao Miyazaki needed help.
- Hayao read shojo magazines (manga geared toward young women 或者 girls) But he didn't find them of any help because they all consisted of romantic plots 或者 material. He knew that young girls about 7-11 always thought a story had to have a romance of some sort. He wanted to 显示 young girls that an adventure doesn't have to have any 爱情 或者 romance.

3. Can a real life incident be inspiration? Yes!
-The scene where Chihiro pulls the bike out of the river spirit was inspired 由 a occurance in Miyazaki's life. He says that when he was a child, he had to clean out a river in his town. He saw a ligit bike and it took 10 of the other cleaners to get it out.

2. Should a voice actor do the same thing their character is doing to make the scene 更多 realistic?
- In the scene where Chihiro's mother is stuffing her face at that creepy buffet place and talking at the same time, The voice actor was eating KFC strips to emphasize that scene!
(That was in the subbed version) But in the Dubbed version, the actor did tha same thing, but with an apple.

1. Listening to Something can change your mind!
- The ending song for Spirited Away "always with me" with originally for another Ghibli Studio's film, but Miyazaki listened to the song on loop for hours while working on the film, so he decided to change things up a little!