There is something so special about Stefan and Elena that it's hard to imagine another couple like them in existence. Some of us were immediately taken with the loner vampire guy and the 流行的 girl tinged with sadness as soon as they popped up on our screens. Others of us needed a little time to see their relationship hit a few road blocks but still flourish. I'd say, for most of us, we 爱情 the fact that Stefan is a good guy with a caring 心 even if his lust for blood turns him into a monster once in a while. Elena is the girl that understands him, that stands 由 him, that loves him no matter what. Together, they are an epic force that I don't think any of us will ever forget.

All of the above makes trying to find a couple who reminds us of them pretty difficult. The fact that Stefan and Elena have actually been together for most of the series doesn't help in our quest. So many other couples endure years of near misses, kisses that almost happened, "I 爱情 yous" that were almost said, and time they could have spent together but instead was wasted in fighting. Stelena and those of us that 爱情 them are lucky in this regard. We have seen them profess their 爱情 to one another, wake up 下一个 to each other in 床, 床上 and share lots and lots of kisses.

Even with all of that, we were able to come up with some couples that gave us the same sorts of feelings and evoked the same emotions that Stefan and Elena do. I guess there are different kinds of epic, and here are a just a few.