the 显示 with Caroline they are super cute when are together, they would make a cute a fantastic couple,
Ok so here it is ! welcome to the 1st Interview with Inés [who won 粉丝 of the 月 for June.]

1. Introduce yourself .
Well my name is Inés
I’m from Venezuela, I have 18 years old , I 爱情 vampire diaries♥, (books and show)
Of course I 爱情 Stefan♥♥, 爱情 Damon, Katherine, Bonnie, Tyler, Matt and Klaus (In the show), I 爱情 Bamon they are my OTPღ .
I’m in the law school, I'm obsessed with the horoscope
I was operated on two occasions for a problem in my leg.

In my dreams I am Damon’s girlfriend, Tyler’s wife, Mason Widow and “Stefan’s lover”♥
I consider myself a good person but I'm very manipulative, my personality is very similar to Caroline in Season 1, but I'm great.

2. How do 你 feel about be the Stefan FOTM? Did 你 want to win?
I think being a 粉丝 of the 月 is super important, because people voted for you, because they recognize your contribution for the spot, and your 爱情 for the character. Everything 你 do to keep the spot active and the Stefan spot deserves it, he's great, but sometimes this spot is abandoned, we must try to keep the spot active,
making picks, posting videos, pictures.

If the people want to 加入 to my picture contest are Welcome :)

And about if I wanted win of course¡¡ :), but I did not believe that would happen was an incredible and amazing surprise.

3. Is Stefan`s spot your 最喜爱的 spot in fanpop?
Nope, no is my 最喜爱的 but is my 3 最喜爱的 潮流粉丝俱乐部 spot

My 最喜爱的 is the bamon spot, and the 秒 is the katherine spot, but I always come to this spot I 爱情 this spot.
but sometimes I do not 评论 anything, I always take the picks, see what the people post on the wall.

4. Why do 你 爱情 Stefan so much?

Because he is incredible, nice, good friend, good boyfriend, he always care for the others people, not is selfish, noble, Affectionate ,alluring
Trustworthy, omg Stefan is good in everything.ღ

5. Which Stefan do 你 like better, Book Stefan 或者 显示 Stefan? why?

Definitely In the show, I do not like Stefan in the books, in my opinión he is boring and dramatic, I liked him in the original trilogy but not in damon trilogy, but I 爱情 him in the show,
he is my 3 最喜爱的 character on the show, he is fantastic on the 显示 although him liked 更多 in season two that in season one

6. Is he your 最喜爱的 TVD character ? if not who is it?
Nope, my 最喜爱的 character in the 显示 is Katherine, she is my idol, she is evil, manipulative, intelligent, ambitious, strong, well I 爱情 her
And in the 图书 matt, because he is perfect, he is human and never have afraid about the 邪恶力量 things that happens in the town, I hope matt in the 显示 be 更多 like book matt in the 下一个 season.

7. Who do 你 ship Stefan with in the 图书 and show?

In the 图书 I not ship him with anyone, and in the 显示 with Caroline they are super cute when are together, they would make a cute a fantastic couple,but I have to recognize that Stefan will always 爱情 Elena.

8. What Stefan scene/episode made 你 sad/cry most? Was there any episode at all?

Made me cry so far none, but sad, when him and elena broke up in season 2 and Stefan was crying , paul is a incredible actor.
In blood brothers when Damon in the flashback 说 to him that would make him the eternity miserable (I do not remember exactly the words), but I understand that Stefan was selfish to make Damon turned in a vampire , but I understand stefan he was going to be alone for that reason he was selfish

In the same episode when he went to see to Giuseppe to say goodbye and his father tried to staked him , really I hated that old man in that moment

In conclusion all the episodes where Stefan has been sad made me feel sad too

9. 1-10, how good of an character do 你 rate Stefan ? Explain.
9.5 Because the 10 is just for Katherine
But I adore him, I hate when the people 说 that he is boring, he is serious but that makes him interesting

10. What 3-5 adjectives do 你 think describe Stefan the most?
Brave, Friendly, Friendly

11. What are your hopes for Stefan in Season 3?
That Stefan have a great story, that him be the bad guy,a Ripper, (I 爱情 bad stefan), and after Elena, Damon and the others rescued him.

That he have many scenes with Caroline, Bonnie and Matt, because I 爱情 Staroline♥ and his friendship with Bonnie and Matt, and he have a lot of episode when him been the principal character.