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The two ships flew towards the mountain range that seemed so far away. The sky continued to darken and Master Sinube took some readings.
"Anakin," he 说 to the young Jedi, "There is evidence of wind rotation in the 云, 云计算 cover and the wind speeds are increasing."
"Whoa!!" came a cry over the tranceiver.
"Rex, are 你 boys okay?" Anakin asked sensing the troopers' fear.
"That was some wicked turbulance," the clone captain answered back, "I don't think the "NIGHTMARE can take much 更多 of this."
"Hold on, we'll be at the mountain range soon."
Ahsoka glanced back at the S'alebacians seeing the fear on their faces. She glanced out the TWILIGHT'S main viewport and gasped.
There directly in front of them was a funnel 云, 云计算 forming. This one was easily three times larger than the storm that had hit them in the village.
"Master..." she gasped.
Anakin looked up from the controls and saw the storm directly in their flight path.
He jerked the steering controls throwing the TWILIGHT in a sharp starboard dive.
"Rex!" he yelled, "Turn away from the storm!"
"Sir..." was all Anakin heard before the 'NIGHTMARE was engulfed 由 the strom.
"No!!" Ahsoka sreamed and shut her eyes to keep the tears inside.
Anakin shut his eyes and reached out with the Force to put a barrier around the gunship.
"General!" Rex called out, "I don't know what's happening, but the ship has steadied even though I think we are inside the storm."
Anakin didn't answer. His eyes were still shut. Sweat appeared on his forehead and blood tricked from his nose.
"Master..." Ahsoka whispered and glanced back at Master Sinube who was standing 下一个 to Anakin, hands on the young Jedi's shoulders. She knew that Sinube was adding his abilities to Anakin's.
Anakin started to shake and Sinube fell away.
Ahsoka helped the elderly Jedi to his feet and gestured to the co-pilot 座位 for him to sit. She stood behind Anakin and put her hands on his shoulders to add her Force abilities to his.
Sinube took the ship's controls and guided the small freighter back towards the storm.
"Captain Rex!" he called over the tranceiver, "Can 你 hear me?"
"Barely, Master Sinube. We have sustained alot of damage but no injuries except for frayed nerves and sick stomachs."
"Hold on, we're coming for you"
"Negative sir," the clone captain said, "Our engines are overheating and nearing critical. The best thing for us to crash land somewhere and get out before we blow up."
"Rex!" Anakin called out as his Force link broke, "No! We will rescue you!"
"General, 你 of all people, know that the idea of a mid-flight rescue is out of the question!"
"We can piggy-back the gunship on the TWILIGHT," Ahsoka added looking over at Anakin who looked the worst for wear. His normally bright blue eyes were blood-shot. He wiped the blood away from his nose and upper lip.
"That might work!" he said.
"You children are crazy!" Sinube answered, "But it is the only way to save them."
"This will take some precision flying," Anakin said, "So, Rex I want 你 at the controls."
"Yes sir. Are 你 sure this will work? Our engines are getting hotter!"
Anakin looked to Master Sinube and Ahsoka for reassurance. The he looked back at the S'alebacians and their sad expressions.
"Yes....It will work!"
AMV tribute to Asajj Ventress to Battle Beast's "Show me how to die"
asajj ventress
clone wars
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This video is purely fan-made and has NO association with musical artist, Cartoon Network 或者 Lucasfilms company in any way. Everything belongs to their respective owners. My job is edition only. Purpose was to 显示 action, mostly starfighter battles.
星, 星级
Full episode from the initial 2003 cartoon series.
full episode
chapter 1
clone wars
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A/N: I'm so sorry I haven't been 写作 lately. For a long time. I'm going to change the point of view. Not like a script. 1st person point of view.

(Ahsoka's POV)

Rex and I walk into a deep forest of plants. "Rex, are 你 sure 你 know where we're going?" "I remember coming here when I got shot near my heart." My eyes widen. "What?!?!? Why didn't 你 tell me before?" Rex shrugs. "We weren't together back then." he explains. In the distance we see a small house with steam coming out of a chimney. We run towards the shelter. "Mom! Look! It's people!" says a little Twi'lek human mixed boy. "And...
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So funny!!! All credits go to StarWarsNerd456
clone wars
This is a really funny fandub spoof of when Anakin and Obi-Wan first meet Ahsoka when she left the ship. I was cracking up. Enjoy it, it was done 由 12GalindaGirl
clone wars
星, 星级 wars the clone wars
fandub spoof
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Nakoma sat nervously in the Jedi head quarters. She knew she was in DEEP trouble. Anakin was angry at her for doing such a thing. Obi-Wan couldn't believe she didn't listen. Padme tried her best get over the shock. What exactly DID Nakoma do, 你 might ask? Secretly go out with a Sith Lord!

Dontel seemed to be nice. He was on an undercover mission for the Sith when he met Nakoma. The 更多 the two got to know each other, the 更多 Dontel used her as bait for his evil plans! Dontel was just bad news all around. That's just sad because Nakoma liked him. Here's what else is sad, because he only used...
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星, 星级 Wars Short-Stories

Starring Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Nakoma Incognito.

With Special Guests Yoda, Mace Windu, Satine Kryze, Padme Amidala, Ahsoka Tano, and Ivory Kenobi.

Your 最喜爱的 characters come together in my short tid-bits! There will be humorous stories, fun stories, funny stories, and all the other stories 你 can think of! There WILL be pairings! Anakin/Padme, Obi-Wan/Satine, Obi-Wan/Anakin, 你 name it! And if you'd like a specific pairing, all 你 have to do is request it and I'll write away!

I'll be posting these tid-bits every 5 days. If you'd like for me to post sooner, later, 或者 even stop, just let me know.

(KEEP IN MIND-If I don't write for afew weeks, it doesn't mean I've stopped. It only means that I'm busy.)
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Nix-Squad Leader
Boomer-Demolitions Expert and Tech Expert
Snipes-Sniper and Scout
Jinx-Communications Expert, Medic and Protagonist

Kashyyk was a strange, yet interesting planet. I had never been on a planet with an ocean with a forest on the beach. The planets native species were the Wookies, the most fiercest, most loyal allies, he had ever seen.

"Ok Snipes," Nix said,'3 droids on the right of the depot, seem to be on guard."

"I see them sir, ready when 你 are."

Nix raised his binoculars again, "Three... Two... One... Fire!"

Three quick shots later, I raised my binoculars, the bodies of 3 droids...
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Honestly, I've been really busy.
Homework is disgusting.
As I've previously stated.
But here's chapter six.
I mean seven...

"Lorrettai, where's Chamino?" Anakin asked softly. It was not until then that he realized that Lorrettai was close to tears. Her face was contorted in anguish. "She told me that it was better for her just to die here than to drag Piffell and I down. I tried to convince her otherwise... But..." she put her arm around Anakin' shoulders, placing her face on one of his shoulders nd weeping. "It's okay Lorrettai, let's talk on the way to Coruscant." he said, patting her back as...
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Fourth Chapter.
Read and comment.
Comments are like sugar.
They make me happy. :)

It's 晚餐 time!

"Obi-Wan?" Anakin whispered as he walked into the small, dimly lit room. He sat 由 his masters side, closely followed 由 Ahsoka and Cody; Rex just stayed in the doorway. "Is he gonna be alright, Master?" Ahsoka asked, worriedly looking over Master Kenobi's lambasted (A/N don't 你 爱情 that word?) features. "I'm not the one to ask, Snips. 你 can ask... Master Hunalo... at dinner. Speaking of which, would 你 like to go eat? I would hate to wake the master." Anakin smiled, and stood up, inviting...
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Okay, read the first chapter first.
This is where things get interesting, k?

“Well, greetings to you, Jedi scum. Are 你 ready to die?” Cad Bane said, smirking from under his wide rimmed hat.
“Not quite, Bounty Hunter. Where’s Obi-Wan?” Anakin demanded. Bane just smirked and waved his hand, signaling the others to continue shooting.

“I don’t like these odds Master!” Ahsoka called over the blasts, deflecting a laser with her lightsaber and sending back to one of the people shooting.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a cloaked figure emerged from the alley 墙 beside them. She swiftly...
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Charlie Brown was sitting in his beanbag one 日 looking for something to watch on TV. He flipped through the channels continuously. Just when he was about to give up, he saw a cool looking spaceship. "WOW!" he gasped in amazement. A 标题 of the 显示 came across the screen. It was called "Star Wars: The Clone Wars". Charlie Brown kept it on this channel as his eyes grew big.

Watching season 1-Charlie Brown quickly became fascinated with the Force, lightsabers, and the Jedi. He loved how the characters did different stuff with the Force, how the lightsabers were different colors, and how they...
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