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kim hyeong jun
kim hyung jun
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Kim Hyun Joong Ideal Girls
"I like girls who are pretty, thoughtful, innocent and kind. Someone like a friend."

Heo Young Saeng Ideal Girls
"I like girls who are cute, clever, understanding and easy to communicate with."

Kim Kyu Jong Ideal Girls
"I like a girl who is kind-hearted, whose smile is innocent and pure. I like girls who have short hair and a round face."

Park Jung Min Ideal Girls
"I like a girl who's easy to get along with, someone whom I'll feel very happy with, like a friend. Someone like me."

Kim Hyung Jun Ideal Girls
"I like a girl who's feminine and independent, someone who's serious regardless of what she's doing."

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[Hyungjun] Yeah, huh!
Here we go once again
Guess who's back?, let's go!
This one is all about you
I really hate 你 but I 爱情 you
So, what can I do?
Now listen...

[All] Neoreul bomyeon apa, sumi neomu gappa, ije nae sonjaba
[Hyungjun] Geu sarameun neoreul saranghaji eanhneunde wae?
[Hyunjoong] Why don't 你 get it?
[All] Baby let me
Love ya, 爱情 ya, 爱情 ya

[KyuJong]Listen Everybody!

[All] Nae jeonbureul georeo, I jumuneun georeo, we can be so perfect
[Jungmin] Sesangmodu jeokidwindahaedo naneun andwae
[Youngsaeng] Neo animyeon andwae
[All] Baby let me
Love ya, 爱情 ya, 爱情 ya

[Kyujong] Oneureun yeotaekkeot...
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heo young saeng
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