Author's Note; just a small written (actually, it's quite roughly written!) short story of Spirit's thoughts of his beloved, Rain. It's not my best kind of short story, but I just started back into 写作 - so I am a bit rusty, ehehe .. aw well! enjoy!

I didn’t think this 日 would come.
Feeling her mane brush against my chest, her nose nuzzled into my skin with our legs intertwined in the spring flourishment. With eyes fluttering against the soft breeze that cooed, my eyes catch sight of her silk, pale and as radiant as the crystals in the snow. She was still heavily fast asleep I couldn’t help but chuckle in amusement. Oh, Rain. I think, nestling my nose into her hair, catching the familiarity of lavender and rain from the strands.
Her hair suited just like her name.

“G’mornin’, son,” a voice almost startled me out of my thoughts, causing my eyes to dart in less than a 秒 to the person interrupting. “Mother.” I hiss slightly, giving an exasperated sigh. Since coming back several months ago, my mom has never held back her presence with me, even if I was in a moment shared with my beloved.
Not too long ago, it was nearing the end of winter and Rain and I were just getting back to the herd from our afternoon stroll around the forest – just to work off our appetite, when my mom unexpectedly jumped onto my back, wondering how the walk went, me especially because she knew Rain is capable of pretty much anything now, after the last four months of caring for her.
She makes me feel like I’m still a 驹, 小马驹 – then again, aren't most mothers like that?

My mom smiles apologetically, bowing her head a little. “I’m sorry – I always have such bad timing,” she picked at the ground with her front left hoof. I don’t mind. “You just scared me, is all.” I mutter, gently prying Rain off of me before quietly raising myself. I peck a 吻乐队(Kiss) on my mother’s cheek, earning a small smile of appreciation from her. “You really do 爱情 her, do you, love?” I look at her, noticing how her eyes crinkle with warmth, and her smile blooming with purity and selflessness.

There’s no denying it.

“Of course I do, mom.” I nudge her, feeling my 心 melt of how this being, significant and always present in my life, is supporting me with who I’m spending the rest of my days with. “Well, 你 know my answer to your statement.” She laughed, silently with a small, content sigh.

“Oh, she’s up.”

I avert my eyes to gaze at Rain, catching sight of how her cobalt eyes glistened softly under the sun’s luminosity, 秒 before she yawned a little. “Spirit?” she uttered, eyes searching. “Good morning, Rain,” I say, trotting to lie a little way in front of her as I did. “Oh. Good morning …” she smiled, her eyes buried in mine and causing my 心 to soften with much sincerity and warmth. “It’s wonderful waking up to you, my 爱情 …” she whispers, just for us to know, her eyes just slipping close. But not long before she caught sight of my upturned smile and my lips came in contact with hers in a soft gesture.

“I 爱情 you, Rain,” I mumble, casting my arm over hers, gently caressing.
“… Me too,” she responded after a long moment, earning me the softest of giggles as she slowly shut herself from the world around her.