"That's it! I'm not running from 你 any 更多 rain!" Rose yelled while stopping. Her nostrils were flaring. She was very angry. They started to battle. Rose kick her.Rain kicked her back. And the battle went on for two hours. Rain ran away scard to death. Rose won! Spirit was gone. "Spirit? Where are you?" she yelled. Then she blacked out.Or in other words got knocked out. She dreamed about spirit and herself getting married.A horse dragged her somewhere with ropes.

Chapter 12
Rose woke up in a cave.
"Where am i?" she said. She suddenly heard movement.
"Hello?" she called out. No one answered but 更多 movement. Then a black,black horse came out of nowhere. No seriously no white,or gray,or brown,or roan, just black.
"Who are you?" she said.

chapter 13
"I am Black." he said.
"No really,what is your name?" she said.
"No your name." she said.
"Black!" he said.
"Oh,your name is black. I got it." she said.
Black called out for someone. Then a red stallion came out of nowhere.

Chapter 14
"Ah,there 你 are Sultan." 说 black.
"Yes.Here i am. Now what do 你 need?" he said
"Take her somewhere else. Where we know." black said.
"How about paint cave?" he said.
"Perfect." black said.
He puts ropes around sultans and 玫瑰 neck.
"Now go!" he said.

Chapter 15
Rose woke up.
"Where am I?"
"Paint cave. Where we keep all the paint mares." sultan said.
"No! Get me out of here!" she yelled.
Sultan left.
"Rose?Is that you?"said the black and white mare.
"Checkers?" Rose said.
"Yes it is me. How did 你 get here?" Checkers said.
"Got kidnapped." she said.
"You?" she continued.
"Same." checkers said.They chatted until they couldn't no 更多 或者 when they get rescued.
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