Spirit and Rose was eating fresh green 草 until they heard something. Bang! They are back! Rose ran into the village.Spirit went after her. He couldn't find her! After a tepee fell down he seen her rear and galloped away with a Indian on her back. He chased after her then he sees where she was going.Toward connal! Connal aims toward them but spirit shoved him. But he didn't think all the way through that plan. Because Rose got shot! She fell into the river. Spirit ran after her on land and jumps into the water he got her on his back and hears something. A waterfall! He tried to get away from it but the water was to strong! They fell down into the water at the bottom of the waterfall. Spirit got out of the water and seen rose on land breathing heavily.She was in pain! Spirit lays with her and didn't leave her side. Finally the Indians found the and helped rose get back to the village. When the got back spirit heard them say "The wound is very deep but we can heal her in a couple of weeks with a very rare plant." During the healing of 玫瑰 wound spirit couldn't sleep and he walked back and forth. Until one 日 the Indians came to spirit and 说 "We done everything we can."
Spirit was upset. One of the Indians whistled.
Spirit looked into the smoke.He seen a horse figure coming out of the smoke. It's Rose! He galloped to her and hugged her tight and wouldn't let go. Finally he did.
Chapter 9 alone with rose
Finally he was alone with rose.
"Rose?" spirit asked.
"Yes?" she answered.
"I am in 爱情 with you." he said.
"Hmmmm?" she asked.
"In other words,i 爱情 you." he said
"I 爱情 你 to!" she said. They nuzzled each other. Rain came back and seen them nuzzling each other.
Chapter 10 running away from rain
"Spirit! How could you! We were dating!" she yelled.
"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" they screamed.
"Run rose!" spirit yelled.
"No! Want to stay with you!" Rose yelled with tears in her eyes.
"Then,both of us run!" he screamed.
They ran for two hours.Finally Rose got tired of it and 迷失 it.
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