Bang! Rose gets spooked. Bang,bang,bang! Its spirits enemy!The leader of the army. The herd runs away spirit and Rose was behind them. Rose got lassoed! Spirit stops and looks back and seen Rose with a lasso around her neck. He was angry. He went back to save her but he also got lassoed. They were fighting for a long time. Rose fought for three hours. Spirit fought for six hours. Finally they got to the fort. When the doors opened they walked in. Rose and Spirit seen all the 马 trotting at the same time. They tried to get their attention but only one stopped. The horse behind him bumped into him and he continue to trot with the others.
When all the 马 were gone they walked to the four poles they got tied up on four poles.The guy who gave haircuts to 马 was there. He went over to Rose. He picked at her hoofs. Then he was going to give her a haircut. She hits him in the head with her head. He got up and snipped the scissors.
"STOP!That is the only mare here.Keep her main and tail long." 说 connal.
"Fine. The stallion?" he asked.
"Cut it." connal said.
Spirit did the same as he did before.
He was put to the pole for three days without 食物 或者 water. The 下一个 day. It was time to break Rose. They tried to break her but she didn't give up. Then it was connals turn to try to break her. But she still didn't give up all she did was break the pole spirit was at. Spirit was free! Finally connal was thrown off her back. She broke the fence and set all the 马 free. All the 马 ran out of the fort. Spirit and Rose was running and spirit sees and black and white mare galloping toward them. They stop and the Indians caught them. Rain trotted up to them.
"You caught me again." spirit said. Rain laughs.
End of chapter 6.
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