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added by alexischaos2004
added by alexischaos2004
posted by alexischaos2004
嘿 its me alexischaos2004 and im adding my first 文章 to my sonouge club and its about sonic and rouge in 爱情 and i think they look good as a couple but someother people think they look like a bad couple i see great sonouge pics on 谷歌 and they look great and some of them look crazy but sonouge is a great couple but my number one 最喜爱的 sonic couple is shadouge cause that couple does make sense with two dark people in 爱情 but sonouge i think sonouge is a new sonic couple cause sonic and rouge nevery fell in 爱情 until sonouge pics came out on 谷歌 so comment,save this, 或者 电子邮箱 this 文章 if 你 want to and i don't want mean 评论 and no reports.