Tawny and Zora look the same and they cant find out who is who so they run around asking everyone they see who am i i have no idea. HELP ME HELP ME! they 说 400 times because they want to know who they are and how to get there identity back. One 日 this older man 说 嘿 i know how to get your identity back go to 410 cotton 糖果 圈, 圈子 and talk to Mrs.Popsicle and she will guide 你 from there. So they went to her house and asked her she 说 that they have to sing a song the cupid shuffle and they 说 what is the cupid shuffle and she showed them how to do it and they went to the city. they went to the fair on Purple street.and they stud on the tables and they did it and then they didn't feel any different. Mrs. Popsicle 说 it will take 48 hours to help 你 remember who 你 are 日 由 日 passed and then it had been 48 hours and they remembered everything there names were Sandy and Delaney. They wrote letters to Mrs. Popsicle saying thanks for everything and she 说 your welcome and that's how it all happened.