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Nintendo,Sega gensis back in the 日 we measured greatness in bits. Sonic the hedgehog, 或者 Super Mario
Only one can be the king of old school console

Mario: Yo I grew up with Nintendo, cried when I got it So obviously 你 know which side I end up on it's
Super dee dooper, Mario, and the crew toad, Luigi, the princess, and not to forget Boo. Who 你 else riding a dinosaur I have 你 screaming like a kid on 圣诞节 morning 任天堂 64, all game long all 你 chase is your tail I throw fireballs from my drawz in the air!

Soinc: Since my beginning with Sega, I'm known to evey generation call me...
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Sonic and Mario silently waited for each other to attack. Sonic remembered Mario would try to 冲床 him from his dream. He ran circles around the stadium. He looked behind him, and saw Mario's 手套 glowing purple. Something was really fishy.

Mario was gaining speed, and now was right behind Sonic. Now something was REALLY fishy. He sped up, and Mario sped up too. He turned left, and Mario turned left too. Why wasn't Mario attacking, 或者 at least in the center of the stadium. He should be in the center, waiting for Sonic to get tired, like in every other fight.

He had to find out what was going on, he spin-dassed into Fludd, and it broke in two, causing purple water to spew everywhere. Mario gasped and seemed to come out of a trance. Now the REAL fight will start.

Mario and Sonic started throwing punches at each other, not noticing that Bowser and Eggman were shaking hands in the corner...
posted by KishuandIchigo
"Okay! Begin your fight!"

Sonic looks at Mario, waiting, for the first attack. Tails looks down at Sonic, wearing a look that 说 'hurry up.' Sonic doubtfully got into a spindash but before he could launch Mario jumped high in the air and pushed his fist onto Sonics stomach. Sonic was dazed, not from the pain, but from Mario attacking so fast. "Come on Mr. Sonic!" Cream called out in her high pitched voice.
Sonic slowly got up, staggering, and forced himself to spindash on Mario. He felt as though he was about to lose the lunch he never had. He felt like he had been poisined, but how could...
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posted by KishuandIchigo
Sonic curls in a ball, ready to attack. Well, almost ready. He's scared out of his wits. He has to fight Mario, the plumber in red, and whoever wins is, eh, pretty much champion of the world. Tails flies 20 feet above the battle feild to wish sonic good luck any time he needs it.

Mario grips tightly on fludd, ready to battle. But he is also scared out of his wits. He doesn't 显示 it, mostly because he never talks. 桃子 gives him a 吻乐队(Kiss) for good luck, but he's so scared he doesn't feel it.

A tall man in a black and white striped 衬衫 stands in the middle of the battle feild. He held up a green flag in one hand and a red one in the other. He calles out to the crowd "Everybody! The brawl will start now. Take your places. On the left sode, we have Sonic the hedgehog of Mobius!" Half of the audience cheers. Sonic trembles.

"And in the other corner," He continues, "We have Mario Mario of 蘑菇 Kindom!" Half of the audience cheers. Mario trembles.

"Okay! Begin your fight!"
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A Mario and Sonic version of family guy
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Not made 由 me, I could never do something so good.
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Mario pulls a prank on Sonic. Maybe too good a prank.
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Source: Me and 谷歌
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My Sweet Passion

I got out my map and chose a place I wanted to go to
(Packed up my stuff, set out for adventure)
I know that your lucky color is that cool shade of blue
(Won't mind painting myself blue for you)
I guess I'm so easy to understand
I just do whatever comes to me naturally

All right

I do understand the feelings of a Persian Cat
(But the Sphinx looked so cute, I had to shave it)
He reminds me of parsley when he's standing like that
(Makes me wanna be his specialite)
I guess I'm just a self-centered girl, um-hm
But there are nights that I have trouble going to sleep

Sweet, sweet, you're so sweet...
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His World
Come on and light the fuse,
He's a rocket and he's ready to go!
'Cause now the countdown has started,
And he's ready to blow!
He's got the dope sounds pumping in a stereo ("eo!")
He can act fast,
Putting on a show!

Go on and get yourself together
There's no time to rest,
And if 你 put the time in
He'll put 你 to the test!
He's like a "runnin' man"
In his world, "more" is "less"!
And if 你 wanna test him, best bring your best.
Don't make me spell it out;
Bring your best!

In this world (HIS WORLD!)
Where life is strong,
In this world (HIS WORLD!)
Life's an open book!
In this world (HIS WORLD!)
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