My guess is my two neighbors told 你 what happened to them with their games. One going insane and the other changed forever.

Anyway, just like them, I'm a 粉丝 of Sonic. Played every game in existence of him so far. I'm also a 粉丝 of CreepyPasta.

I wanted a new Sonic game because I got bored with the ones I have. GameStop was close 由 so I went looking for a game.

There were many games. All the ones you'd expect. Call of Duty, Mario, Halo, Sims ect. ect. But almost all the Sonic games had been bought out. I already had them all anyway.

I had heard about two new Sonic games coming out, Sonic 迷失 World and Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Have to wait awhile for those still.

I sighed. No new games for me really... But wait! A computer disc! It had Lost Game written on it. I went up to the cashier to buy it.

He seemed nervous. “Just take it! It's yours!”

I looked at him funny, but shrugged it off. A free game? I couldn't complain.

Walking home, I looked at my two neighbors homes. I felt bad for them both. I could hear one doing something to ward off evil spirits. The other, my 下一个 door neighbor, oh boy, I could hear him trying to gain control of himself again.

If I could do anything, I would.

I walked into my empty house. My house was empty because we had recently moved in. The only things that were out and in their place was the couch, TVs, my game systems, all three beds, my desk, and my computer.

I headed to my room and placed the disc in my computer. It asked me to download the contents onto the hard-drive. Silver.exe was the contents of it. Downloading it, I got a sick feeling in my stomach.

A screen came up. It seemed a lot like the 标题 screen for Sonic 2 only, where it usually 说 "Sonic the Hedgehog", it 说 "Silver the Hedgehog".

So it definitely was a 迷失 game. I never even knew Silver had a game about himself.

I pressed enter and a save file screen came up. The 音乐 seemed Medieval. Sorta made sense because he IS a Time Traveler.

The save files were colored differently. The first was purple, the 秒 was a brownish, and the third was black and red.

I clicked on the first save file, thinking the color had to do with the level. It actually had to do with the character 你 play as.

The level appeared. It looked like the Babylon level from Sonic Rush Adventure. Blaze stood waiting. Then the level name came up: Dead Babylon.

Dead Babylon... What a nice level name. Not.

I made her run across the screen. As I (Blaze) kept running, strange things started 展示 up. People from the Island that Blaze was in in Sonic Rush Adventure were dead. Bloody and dead.

One of them had their intestines ripped out and seemed to be hung 由 them.

Another had his head cut off and put up on a 树 like a trophy.

Blaze's expression was somewhat indescribable. What I could make out was she had an uneasy and sick look in her eyes. She seemed on the verge of tears, but she held them back good.

I kept her running, and soon Silver appeared above her. She looked up, fright starting to spread across her face. But why?

I soon found out. He opened his eyes, pitch black background and red dots for pupils. Those same eyes I see through the windows of my neighbors. Every time I saw those eyes in the farther house, it's usually followed 由 a scream. In the other, they're followed 由 a laugh.

Those same eyes stared at Blaze.

The screen changed to a blank screen. On the screen read;

Hello, want to play a game?

Being a bit older and him talking to a girl, I got this sick thought. I really hope that's not what it's going to. If it is, I'll vomit.

A new level started coming up. This time the level was called Run.

Yup. 你 heard me right. Run.

The screen came up and it looked like 鲸, 鲸鱼 Island.

I made Blaze run across the screen. The sky was pitch black and the sand was bloody.


She kept running, obviously getting even 更多 scared. I didn't blame her.

The scene never changed, but the 音乐 did. Once the 音乐 changed, Silver appeared.

He came out if nowhere and was right in front of her. I made her jump over him, but he kept appearing before her, so I had to keep making her jump. He did the same thing over and over until Blaze got tired out and he stood right over her.

Silver reached for her and grabbed her.

The screen went blank and I heard Blaze crying as if Silver were... Nevermind.

I tried not to think disgusting thoughts. Failing so far.

On my blank screen, words appeared. It said:

iT's No UsE!

I say back on my chair, not sure what to think.

Silver had just did something unspeakable to Blaze and probably killed her after.

The save file screen came back up. In the purple save file, Blaze lay on the ground. Her 毛皮 had turned to a deep purple. Her eyes had been torn out of her skull and lay 下一个 to her. Her tail was bent in all directions, most of which shouldn't have been possible.

Trying to get that image out if my head, I clicked the brownish save file.

The level 说 it was called Time Travel. Not that surprising.

Marine was on the screen. She definitely seemed terrified.

The level looked like the Ocean Wisp Planet from Sonic Colors. Every detail the same, only the sky was like blood red clouds and the water a nice clear blue. The 音乐 was like the main theme of Final 幻想 Tactics A2 played in reverse and slowed down.

I made Marine run through the level, which seemed quite flat for Sonic Colors. Then again, I wasn't playing that.

Again with the nothing in sight. The screen flickered a few times and soon the ocean was made entirely of blood. No mistaking the color. Blood red.

She seemed sick and on the verge if vomiting.

I kept her running, but even I was getting a little queasy myself.

The 音乐 stopped, but I kept her running. Marine seemed to not like that either because she started crying.

She stopped running when she saw Silver, but instead of running to him for protection, she ran the other way.

I don't blame her.

Silver didn't care about the little girl's feelings though. This Silver was a heartless monster.

Marine had nowhere to turn after Silver appeared before her. She stumbled back, but he caught her. Not to help her obviously.

The screen went blank for a moment before I heard the little girl scream in pain. This time followed 由 a demonic laugh.

Wait... The same one I hear 下一个 door, just not as bad as that one.

更多 words popped up on the screen:

NiCe tRY

it went back to the save file menu.

Marine was now in her little save file. Her ears had been torn, her tail placed somewhere I shall not mention, and her eyes were black. Her once nice brown 毛皮 had darkened almost to black. Her dress was tattered and torn as well.

I then looked in the corner of the screen to see what 年 SEGA made this horrible game.

No year. Where it should have been was SEGA 666. Whoever made this game is sick and twisted in the head.

I looked at the time. 3 A.M. Good thing it was summer 或者 my parents would've killed me.

I got myself settled in 床, 床上 when I had a terrible nightmare.

I was in a dark room. In one corner there was Tails, Knuckles, and Robotnik torn to tatters and dead. A boy, the neighbor that went insane, was sitting 由 them. But someone was behind him, torturing him.

The person torturing him looked straight at me, those red dot eyes, sharp stained teeth, and blue fur. It was Sonic.

In the other corner was my 下一个 door neighbor, the one changed forever. And when I say changed forever, I mean changed forever.

He looked like he had in the 年 book from last 年 a friend of mine showed me. Black hair, dark eyes, always wearing dark clothing. What frightened me was what happened to him.

He put his hands on his head and screamed. Gloves appeared on his hands and rings appeared on his wrists and ankles. Shoes with rockets on the bottom appeared on him, too. His hair turned into jet black 毛皮 with crimson stripes. His ears repositioned themselves on his head and turned to a point. 6 quills appeared on his head, 2 pointing down, the other 4 pointing upward. He gained a small tail. When he opened his eyes, the pitch black background and red dots for pupils. His teeth sharpened to a point that was sharper than any blade. He HAD changed forever! He had become Shadow!

Scattered at his feet were Rouge, Silver, the REAL Silver, and Werehog Sonic. All dead.

Then, in my corner was me, Blaze, Marine, an empty space, and Silver.

The neighbor went insane and my 下一个 door neighbor looked at me.

At the same time, they said, “You shouldn't have played the game, Carter. Just look what it did to us.”

My 下一个 door neighbor, 或者 Shadow, still looked at me. “Now 你 will face a similar fate...,” he 说 before a demonic laugh escaped his throat.

Sonic turned back to my neighbor and started torturing him again.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. Turing around, I saw Silver right behind me, and he had this creepy smile spread across his face.

I then noticed they all did and I woke up, sweating.

My computer screen had not turned off, and the save files were still on the screen.

I have to destroy that game!

I did everything I could think of. Unplugging the computer, breaking the hard-drive, crushing the screen too. Nothing worked.

Then my only choice was to play the game.

The last save file was black and red so my guess its going to be Shadow. The REAL one.

Clicking on it, the level that came up was called Deep Forest. When it came up, it was indeed, the Deep Forest from Sonic and the Black Knight. Shadow stood in the middle of the screen, waiting for me to 移动 him. I moved him across the screen. 音乐 came up after a few 秒 of running. It was a peaceful melody. Not very fitting right now. He kept running.

After about a minute, the scene grew a little darker than it already was. The trees seemed alive as well.

Once I got to a certain point, Silver appeared before him and the screen went blank for 10 seconds. Soon, a picture came up.

A semi-real picture of Silver with those red dots for pupils, sharp teeth that really need to be cleaned, and that creepy ear to ear smile. Above him read:


He then literally came out of the computer screen, and 说 to me, “You played my game, you're now part of it.” He then grabbed me 由 the 领, 衣领 of my shirt, and pulled me into the computer, and into his game, for I'm now part of it.