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 Gift - Simy's Transformations
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I'm sorry I took so long, was very difficult because of the poses, this is your birthday present I made, still missed two transformations but I think it has no problem well,i hope u like it!! ^^ (no recolor,no base)Art 由 Me!
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This Sonic 粉丝 Characters 照片 contains 彩色玻璃窗 and 彩色玻璃窗口. There might also be 动漫, 漫画书, 漫画, 卡通, and 漫画卡通.

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posted by NoctusLynx
Honestly, I don't like playing as Noctus.

" OMG! He doesn't like playing as his original 粉丝 character! "

Hey: shut up.

The reason why is because he's a * * * * * * * idiot. I have nothing against Noctus himself. And honestly, I like playing as him when misunderstandings occur, triggering awkward situations.

That doesn't happen in the role players.

So, I'm considering an update. And there are two ways I can do this:

One way will require me to not trip up on myself. The other will require some "external assistance".
However, I'm leaning 更多 towards the external assistance option. I just have a larger potentil of making a better, smoother, 更多 believable transition.

Yes, this has been short, I know, but the character on the 墙 was far too small for me to write out all of this.

And, as always, Starclan be with 你 all.

Name: "Matt Gearsmo... but I'd like to be called "MTL", Thank 你 very much."

Gender: "Um... I'm a dude."

Height: "Tall."

Weight: "I like to see myself pretty limber."

Birthday/Age: "I was never "born", I was created."

Hair color/style: "Black and long... kind spikey."

Current home/Nationality: "I currently reside in crystal city."

Eye color: "Red?"

Species: "I am what is known as a "Nanite being"."

Picture: link

Normal attires: "A grey 夹克 that I would be ever so devastated if it was ruined... oh yes, and jeans, a shirt, shoes."


How would a friend describe you: *shrugs*

How would...
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posted by FrizTHedgehog
So if you've clicked on this 或者 你 just have your 老鼠, 鼠标 over the 标题 阅读 the preview, This is an interesting thing I've been thinking about for a while, So where do Sonic 粉丝 Characters exist in Sonic Timeline?

WARNING: The following 文章 is not fact it is simply my thoughts on where Sonic FCs come from.

Well, it all goes back to Sonic '06, When Sonic was killed Mephiles also killed Princess Elise,, No Sonic. No Princess. No 吻乐队(Kiss) of Life. So why isn't Mobius destroyed/conquered 由 Solaris, After this a Hero (Different in each timeline) collected the chaos emeralds and helped Shadow...
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posted by TakTheFox
This isn’t exactly one of my normal rants where I talk about how to fix something, because I think it’s just too short an obvious. I’ll include any tips I come up, but for the most part I’m just complaining, and really, I think I have at least a half-good reason to.

If anyone notices, I don’t ask for requests often. When one comes around it’s rare I’ll answer, for one very good reason. THEY ALMOST NEVER DO IT.

It doesn’t matter if I’m first, last, reminding all the time, 或者 never at all; it seems that so many people forget. Now that’s not to say that they don’t remember,...
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posted by Sir_Shalott
Ok... ask 随意 问题 about my friends. Now we have over 50 FCs with spare time. I'd be the host, unless something happens, Britney. My assist will be Shina the cat. Mainly 你 can ask any 问题 but we need a lot of them. So, from our gang will ask some too. Though, we could ended up not doing it. At least 20+ 问题 are needed for each time. Also, that the people will swich each time, so we will keep those noted. And 你 can ask what characters we have because 你 only know some of them. Cussing could be in the episodes. We are sorry if we coped another 文章 from here 或者 anywhere. So, tell us if the 显示 will go on with a question, 或者 if we stop here. Thank 你 for your time.

~Britney the hedgehog and Shina the cat, writers
posted by RawrMonster123
WARNING: This is from BORDOM!!!

1.) There's nothing really to respond to in it.

2.) The person always skips mine and acts like they forgot, so why allow them to do it in another one of their RP's?

3.) I flat out hate the person who made the RP.

4.) I don't feel like it.

5.) The person who made the RP is boring.

6.) I don't think it's appropiate.

7.) Your 问题 involves ladies that act like sluts.

8.) I don't know the definition of a certain word and I don't feel like looking it up.

9.) I'm busy.

10.) The 问题 includes rascism.
Noijam had never been abducted before, but he decided that it was different than how he would have done it.
His captors (apparently they had no name, 或者 no-one planned to tell him it until they actually got to the dungeon 或者 wherever he was going).
Noijam looked at their uniforms. They bared the mark of some state called Oxvelt. He guessed it was one of those experimental states that Nimea had to conquer after they got those silly ideas, such as liberty and independece from the Motherland. They were always like that.
In any case, even if it wasn't how he'd abduct someone, it was rather pleasant...
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posted by SierraDawnV2
Ah, see? Now I have your attention. 
What I'm really here for is to defend the poor, lovesick bastard. I say that in a nice manner.
 Anyways, dexisawesome... I knew this wasn't over. At first, I called 你 a troll. Then this happened. Alright, have it your way. 
 Would 你 kill a bird for flying? Would 你 kill a 鱼 just because it swam upstream? No? Then don't troll Darkhorn for being an awesome man-bitch and expressing his opinion.
 Yes; I am a friend of him. I do know how he can get. Do 你 think anyone gives a shit? A-nope. You're taking this too personal. That's just how Darkhorn is....
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posted by DiamondShadow
To begin this 文章 I will tell 你 how long I became a 粉丝 of Sonic: since I saw the ad for Sonic Colours! Of course, I knew Sonic before, but superfluous ... I bought the game, I was playing, I had fun ... Since I am interested in Sonic, and I began to learn all about him and his 老友记 (and enemies too ...: P). After I've realized that Shadow the Hedgehog and there as I fell under his spell (: P) and I was not one of those who believe in 或者 Shadouge Shadamy, I wanted to create a character who I would and could be in a relationship with Shadow. I just had the idea of ​​Diamond ......
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posted by Sunnythewolf09
to mephilesthedark

i red that ur jealous of seuris art 哈哈 sorry i use to think that u were the greatest
and i was the worsest (sorry spellings bad! ^^;)

for 5 years ive been praticing (i think ive sayd that a million times)

ive got other ways of drawing to but i rather not 显示 them

i 爱情 ur art it was kinda funny of how i met you

i got so jealous that i 删除 你 (if any of 你 notice that)

i went on here about a 年 back 或者 mouths 以前 before i even joined here on fanpop

i was thinking if i should 加入 but decide not to cuz i was afaid of what mite happen like 3 grade people use to make fun...
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posted by Milesprowerfan
 I drew this! NOT A RECOLOR
I drew this! NOT A RECOLOR
There is a gory, swearing war between "Art Protectors" and "Recolorists." Don't call me a liberal (or Obama, for that matter), but I'm not in it. True, I removed all but 1 recolors from my gallery because I don't believe recoloring is right. True, I just 说 that I don't believe it's right. BUT I AM NOT JOINING THIS WAR!

On the "Art Protector" side of the war, people cuss at recolorists, 或者 they warn them about "art-theft," which it is. HELLO PEOPLE! "Art Protectors" are not monsters half the time. Most of the time, they want to instruct 或者 critique the recolorists and help them be able find...
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