Sonic 粉丝 Characters: Freedom Fighters Club
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Well, Welcome to the Freedom Fighters! I know, not a big club now, but sooner 或者 later, its gonna be just as big as the regular Sonic 粉丝 Characters Club. Enough with the intro. Now, what members (fans) can do here is almost unlimited. 你 can create defense lines to a certain extent, if any enemies get within the club, defend. 你 can also make 粉丝 art if 你 want. 图片 of the members, 或者 a group picture, participate in contests, create roleplays, (i base rps into comics, im pretty sure others do similar so :P) to me, the 列表 goes on and on as the days go.
For now, I'm going to keep this short and sweet. 你 can do pretty much whatever. Well, as long as its not rated too bad.