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Do 你 frequently feel uncomfortable inside social environments? Do 你 want to know how to have self confidence? Perhaps 你 are overly shy? 或者 your stomach ties up in knots when approaching someone even just to say "Hi!"

Well the great news is the fact that there are lots of methods which 你 are able to use that will help 你 overcome this problem of social shyness 或者 anxiety. I'm going to share one of my 收藏夹 below. But first, we will talk about 3 essential points that have to be highlighted (so imagine them covered with ink from a vibrant yellow Fluoro highlighter pen...or what the...
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posted by CrazyBrain
When I was elementary, I'm always friendly and cheerful. But now, when I grew up, I'm getting shy and shyer. My past 老友记 were 迷失 and I started to fail on my studies. I started to get quiet, alone, and nervous around people, especially in school and public with strangers. Everyone thinks that I was nothing that they don't understand why I'm quiet and prefer to isolate. But on the inside, my 心 always pumps rapidly and I have difficulty breathing and cold sweat. It's because, I feel 更多 安全 to isolate than being around people. But, when I have no choice, I prefer to blend in the background,...
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