Wow. I always loved awkward goodbyes.
    I created this account on a rainy day, sitting in the corner of my bedroom, supposed to be doing schoolwork but not being able to log onto my other account. So I made Snape, and I haven’t gone back to check the other one since.
    And I just figured I’d be funny. I’d bring some magic closer to home. And I was really surprised when 你 guys just kept coming back… and I guess I did something right, because 你 guys just kept bringing your friends, kept posting 更多 on the wall. It doesn’t feel that long ago…
    You’re all crazy. Thank you.
    All of 你 made me laugh, made me cry, made me bounce off the walls. And I was so excited when 你 named it Snape’s family and friends. I couldn’t have come up with a better name myself, because it felt like we were all family, all together, sharing goodness and creativity with each other on this crazy thing called the internet.
    And I got asked a lot which one was my favorite. Everyone. I could sit here and make a list… 或者 just post all the things every one of 你 说 that brought a smile to my face, made me laugh till there were tears in my eyes, made me keep it in my picture folder so I’d have it for a long time…
    I just want to tell all of 你 thank you. You’re all amazing and I feel very, very blessed to have known all of you, even if it was just as Snape. That’s beautiful in itself.