Remember my 文章 about me retiring from 写作 粉丝 fiction? Yep, going to miss those days. But that's not what I am 写作 this one about. This time is what I have found when I went back to my 粉丝 Fiction account. Shown in the screenshot below, I have all those 粉丝 fictions I have either never got around to finish them nor abandoned them completely. I completely forget about them. I only went to read other people's beautiful work. Insane, right? Today, I went to see if I have to clear out any of my work for my retirement and I wanted to 显示 them to you. 3 out of 4 of these are actually up and running, ready to be read. I believe I have 发布 a link to and 你 have to look up my work. All my other work is still on SFAF and a limited of spots. Thought 你 like to know. I can't believe I had all these stories I left. My 用户名 is the same of there as of on here. It will be easy to find me if 你 do have a 粉丝 fiction account. I will surely miss 写作 for 你 guys. If 你 guys want, I'll post what I have written on there to here so 你 would not have to go through all the trouble to 搜索 up my work and make an account to save it forever.

- Kaitlyn
Look at all these unfinished work :(