Since Snape did it and 说 that we could do it too, I guess I can confess on a few things. I won't say anything obvious though. Here they are.

- I round up finding out about 电影院 way, way before word gets out. It is sort of a habit, as 你 would say.

- I am a psychic ..... sorta. I would do it without knowing. But at times it would come to be a handy tool when I am playing card/board games.

- Speaking of movies, I 爱情 bad guys. Is that stupid of me? My sister makes fun of me for it and I feel bad :( It ain't my fault that the bad guy is cute.

- I am a 粉丝 of 皮克斯 movies. Especially Monsters Inc. (again, bad guy crush -> Randall). I grew up with 皮克斯 so it's sort of my thing.

- I 爱情 cupcakes. I have set my record of eating 38 纸杯蛋糕 under 10 minutes. 你 should be concerned because I am tiny for a 15 (soon 16) 年 old.

- I 爱情 puns. Mostly 食物 puns. 你 might see me using a pun 或者 two. Then 你 all would hate me. ;) Don't mind me.

I think that's about it. Might add more.