Dear SFAF,

I am retiring from writing. It has been fun and 你 guys enjoyed what I write, but my imagination seems to run low. I have no 更多 ideas to put into stories. Another reason I have to stop is because I am soon to get a job (it's my first job) and I am waiting to get a call back. Soon as I get it, I'd be working on the weekends and I wouldn't have the time to write.

I enjoyed 写作 for 你 guys and I 爱情 hearing what 你 guys say about them. It breaks my 心 to tell 你 this. But it has been 说 and done. I am keeping my 前一个 stories up so 你 guys can still enjoy them because they are my last ones.

With school, sports, 俱乐部 and a soon-to-be job, I just don't have the time. I will miss it. 你 guys will probably protest but I will have to stop 你 there. I will probably write when I have free time, which I have to plan because of my tight schedule. I hope 你 guys will understand this. I don't like disappointing 你 guys. Just enjoy what I have previously written. I am actually crying as I am typing this.


P.S If any of 你 guys live in Maryland and so happen to be in Harford County, I applied to Regal Cinemas in Bel Air. So 你 might get a chance to see me.

P.P.S I am going through a Phantom of the Opera stage, so don't mind the pictures of a heart-broken Erik. Sorry about that.