Hello, guys!
    Wow. Can I please tell 你 guys how absolute slow this site has been lately? It’s driving me crazy. You’re all awesome peeps, but… I just have to make a minor confession…
    I’m really, really not that much of a Potterhead as I used to be. Honestly, I still 爱情 Snape, but lately I’ve been 阅读 all this classical literature and… HP doesn’t seem as great as it used to be. Sorry. Yes, I feel awful, but it’s difficult finding motivation to post something Potter related when you’re not as into it anymore.
    But because we are family and friends, (I will work on the much needed 图标 change, 由 the way) I think we might want to try something different—some sort of project we could all work on together. There are some wildly creative people here; I know we can think of something really good if 你 guys are up for it.
    I think we could make our own spot for it and collaborate together on some sort of story 或者 comic 或者 something. And I think it would be SO FUN to work together over the summer about it—will definitely keep us on our keyboards. And let’s make it into something totally original and not a 粉丝 fiction 或者 anything like that.
    SFAF can still be a place to fool around at… but honestly, I think this would be really cool if we gave this project a chance.
    What do 你 guys think? Concerns? Questions? If we make a spot for the project, what will it be called?