This is for Emzy, as a motivational story for her new 粉丝 fiction series.



Running is all on Amy's mind right now. She seen the most terrifying thing in her life; a pair of red eyes. A silhouette of a man with glowing red eyes and snarling sharp teeth, just outside her window. She ran all the way to her boyfriend's house. Steven answered the door, "Amy, it's 1 in the morning. What's wrong?" Amy, out of breath, answered, "Steven, I just saw a man outside my window. He had these glowing red eyes and these sharp teeth. I was scared." Steven hugged her and brought her inside. Amy spent the rest of the night at his house.

The figure came again. Amy screamed. The figure vanished and Steven came running into the room. He hugged her tightly and staring to pet her hair, "It's okay, sweetie. He's gone now." Amy was in tears and when she looked into his eyes, she saw the fear. She hugged back. When Amy wasn't looking, Steven's eyes glowed red and his teeth became sharp. He smiled, "I'll never let him hurt you. Okay?" She nodded and went back to bed. The 下一个 day, Amy was found dead in front of her house. There was bite marks all over her body and her eyes were missing. Steven has a new girlfriend, Patty.

His eyes glowed red.