I am not sure about this. It seems SFAF wanted 更多 fanfics and I got nothing else to do so I am going to post this and see what 你 guys think. I'll use names from stars, planets, Gods etc. etc.


It was first 日 back to Hogwarts. It was Kaitlyn's 6th 年 there and she was honored as a Perfect. On the train, she sat with the other Perfects. Kaitlyn sat 下一个 to a fellow Hufflepuff, a tall Asian boy named Rigel Procyon.

"Hey, Rigel? Who's in the compartment 下一个 to ours?" she asked.

"Oh. That's James Potter and his family. 你 know, the kids of the famous Golden Trio. They are all in Gryffindor," Rigel replied looking over.

"Really? Huh. Never seen them. Well, let's go check and make sure if there is any students needing a good detention before school starts."
They got up and left the compartment. James got sight of Kaitlyn and winked, which made her blushed. They gave out a few detentions. There was a kid with pure white hair who goes 由 the name of Scorpius Malfoy, complained and said, "Wait till my father hears this! He works at the Ministry, ya' know!"

Rigel replied, "Too bad, kid! Tell your father about that!" Kaitlyn laughed. They started to go back to the so they can change into their school robes. The Hogwarts Express made it to the school's platform. The 1st years went with Hagrid on the boats. As they were leaving the platform, James tapped Kaitlyn on the shoulder.

"Gah! Oh jeez, kid! 你 nearly gave me a 心 attack!" Kaitlyn said, clutching where her 心 is.

James smiled, "Sorry about that. Hey, I saw 你 on the train earlier and I haven't introduce myself. My name is James Potter. 5th year," He stuck out his hand. Kaitlyn took it and shook. "Hello then, James. I'm Kaitlyn Marpoe, a 6th year. I have noticed 你 were the one who winked at me." He nods.

"Oh, and this is Rigel Procyon, a fellow 6th 年 Hufflepuff," Kaitlyn continues. Rigel waved. They were pretty much silent on the rest one the way up. They made it to the wonderous castle. James suddenly grabbed hold of Kaitlyn's hand as they walked into the Great Hall. Nigel grabbed her and guided her to the Hufflepuff table. Professor McGonagall brung out the Sorting Hat and the stool. She begun to call out names of the 1st years.
"Nigel! Look! It's that blonde kid from the train earlier and he got sorted into our House. Imagine what his father says!" 说 Kaitlyn, nudging Nigel in the ribs. Nigel chuckled as Scoripus walked 由 to the Hufflepuff table. He sneered and sat down. "Wait till my father hears about this."

As 晚餐 was over, the Perfects showed the 1st years where their Common Rooms were. Kaitlyn and Nigel lead their 1st years to the Kitchen. As Kaitlyn was doing the password, Nigel explains to the 1st years, "Just because we are near the Kitchens does not mean 你 get free food. 你 would have to wait like everybody else." Kaitlyn rolled her eyes.

Kaitlyn decided that after she unpacked her stuff, she would go to the school's library. She managed to find a red-headed girl sitting alone at a table, 阅读 a book. She sat 下一个 to her.

"What's your name?"

"Rose Weasley. A 2nd year. What's yours?"

"Kaitlyn Marpoe. A 6th year. Why are sitting alone and do 你 got any friends?"

Rose closed the book and a single tear ran down her face, "I don't have any. I got only my siblings and cousins. 你 are the first person I met." She smiled. It was getting late and the girls 说 their good-byes and went to their Common Rooms. When Kaitlyn reached the entrance of hers, she noticed a small note;


There is a Gryffindor-Ravenclaw Quidditch match in a few days. Come and support the Gryffindor team. I also have a surprise for 你 when 你 get there. See 你 there.

Love, James

"This just getting weirder. Well, Jo and her boyfriend both are Gryffindors," Kaitlyn told herself. She climbed to the portrait and went off to bed. The 下一个 day, she told Nigel about it. "The whole school is going anyways," he said. A few days later, Nigel was right. The whole school went to see the Quidditch match. Kaitlyn, Nigel and Scorpius went with the rest of the Hufflepuffs to their stand. There Kaitlyn found another note with a hand-knitted black and yellow scarf. It says;


So glad 你 came. I made 你 this scarf with love. I hope I spelt your name right. Gryffindor goes against Hufflepuff if we win. 你 do play Quidditch, right? I want to talk to 你 after the game.


Nigel and Scorpius looked at her, waiting. She looked up, "What? The game's starting!" They sat down and watched the game. After 2 hours of Quidditch and Jo finally caught the Snitch, leaving Sarah Kowalski (Ravenclaw Seeker) in the dust. Kaitlyn ran up to Jo and Albus and hugged them. "Oh, 你 guys get to be against us! This would be really interesting," she 说 releasing them. Jo and Albus grinned. They are currently dating and only a 年 apart. Jo is a 5th 年 and Al is a 4th year. James walked behind Kaitlyn, swept her off her feet and walked off. She called, "Talk to 你 guys later!"

As soon as they were at a 安全 distance, James set her down. Before she could say anything, he pulled her close to him and whispered, "I 爱情 you." Kaitlyn was confused. She only met him 5 days ago. She looked at his eyes, she felt something magical between them. She opened her mouth to say something, but was interrupted. James suddenly kissed her. They backed up to a 树 and James continued to kiss, only leaving Kaitlyn with one thing to do. She grabbed James, put him against the 树 and 说 "DON'T tell anyone 或者 I'll hex you. Ok?"
He nodded. She kissed him for the 秒 time and walked off. James gave a look that 说 that he quite enjoyed her kiss. He said, "She is not like the other girls. I like that." He struts off to the castle.