It was a perfectly ordinary day, and to make it 更多 perfectly regular, two boys were trying to make mischief.
    “They’ll freak out! The whole staff… they’ll freak out!”
    “Calm down, Harry!” But Severus himself had a wide smile, “We just lead them into the hallways… and into the dining hall. It’s breakfast now, isn’t it? Perfect way to start the day! Have them meet death in the eyes!”
    Harry pat the thestral on the bony snout. “How come they can see us?”
    “I don’t know all the details.” Severus replied, slowly gesturing the thestral to walk towards him, and it did so instantly, as though drawn to the boy. “But it’s nice someone knows we’re here.”
    “Yes.” And Harry made his thestral come with him in the same manner, and both teenagers and the mysterious, skeletal creatures made their way into the castle. Harry, looking still tiny with a childish face and large, cat like green eyes and sloppy hair, had a huge grin on his face. Severus, looking only a little older, with stringy hair, dark eyes and a large nose, had a soft smile, but Harry knew his friend was just as excited.
    An outsider—if there was one to see them—would have been awfully frightened. Both boys, though solid and somehow average looking, carried a lure of uneasy perfection to them.
    Peeves laughed when he saw them. “Shhh!” Severus warned. Peeves giggled, and did so, and followed them. Nearly Headless Nick snickered, but had no comment.
    Both boys took a good look at each other, nodded, and opened the door.
    Surely enough, shock came on all the staff’s faces, and most of the seventh years (and a few from the others) looked horrified at the two lone thestrals waltzing in. Some of the girls, and younger boys, ran off. Those who couldn’t see what was happening were frightened 由 their classmates’ reactions, with looks of utter despair and helplessness on their faces. Not being able to stand it any longer, both boys laughed.
    Grasping his ribs, Severus motioned Harry to watch. He then led his thestral up to Dumbledore, (who looked pleasantly surprised, though not at all angry 或者 terrified) had the thestral go up to the table, and had it eat off of Dumbledore’s plate. Harry laughed until tears were in his eyes.
    Hagrid soon came to take the thestrals away, but they wouldn’t leave the boys. “Let them go.” Harry decided, as he loved Hagrid, “Don’t make the man suffer.” And Harry released his. Still giggling uncontrollably, Severus followed the motion.
    Hours later, both of them were sitting in the exact same spot, watching everyone clean up and going back to total boredom.